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We’ve Got Stories

Coutry Wisdom News exists because of this great community. There are so many things to value here in our region—the environment, farms, food, recreation, arts, and most of all, the people. Thats right. Us. We care. And that’s why this paper exists. That, and because it is a labor of love. The writers, artists, photographers, and definitely count me in, we all truly love our role in publishing this newspaper each month. We are inspired to share information and inspiration.

One of the exciting things about the Hudson Valley is that there are so many entrepreneurs and so many fabulous minds participating in the creative workforce here. We are each working to figure out the best way to continue supporting what we love to do, and what we believe is worthwhile—which, when the stars align, are the exact same thing.

I’ve always loved publishing.  I started publishing magazines in college and have never had both feet out of the industry . I am hoping Country Wisdom News will grow to an endeavor that can support many local creatives, and can continue to inform and inspire readers to share and gain knowledge that can help us live better lives.

So, to an amazing community of readers, if you would like to join me in this endeavor, please consider subscribing, advertising, liking CWN on Facebook, introducing us to a friend, donating, sending a letter—basically, find a way to actively support Country Wisdom News.  It is endeavors such as this that make up the backbone of what our region is about.

Our goal is to look for exciting and interesting stories in our community that make us all feel good. Fortunately, the stories are abundant. The good things that we all do are all around. I hope to be able to share the stories for years to come. Thank you so much for all you do, neighbor!

As always, send us your stories, ideas and thoughts. We’re always looking to share.

–Chris Hewitt