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Using Hudson Valley Currents: Earning and spending local currency is simple and smart

By: Katie Clayton


The Hudson Valley Current is a local currency that’s now available in Ulster and Dutchess Counties. Members of Hudson Valley Current seek to strengthen the local economy by agreeing to trade in an alternative form of payment that works digitally, with all your balance sheets maintained immediately online in web or text formats. One offers goods and services, including time, for other goods and services using Currents.

The system works like barter, but also like cash and credit at its most basic. Its siblings include nearby Berkshares, Ithaca and Berkeley Dollars, and the renowned Brixton Pound.

You earn Currents by becoming a member and creating an online advertisement, for free, to offer other members your business’ goods or services, or even just time doing everything from babysitting and housecleaning to lawn work and help around the house.

You spend your Currents by going online to see who’s offering what, either from a map or a list of what’s available by type of offer. Or you look for businesses that display our Hudson Valley Current logo… just like credit card insignias. Or even better, you find others you want to trade with, or products you’d like to barter for, and get them to sign up as members… receiving a bonus of Hudson Valley Currents when you do.

At present, Currents can buy you work from designers, nutritionists, contractors, architects, marketing professionals, and other area professionals. It can get you drinks and food at a popular local saloon, food at several farm markets, lumber and hardware, and even car repair. As it grows, we’re looking for it to gain more products, more restaurants and fun places to go, as well as more of the pesky time-related chores we’re always needing done.

Like its brethren across the nation and around the world, the Hudson Valley Current has benefits for the local economy, keeping resources where they emanate from. Moreover. the Current is designed to act as a networking site, as well as a means for building and deepening connections within and between communities.

As Hudson Valley Current grows, it promises to become a new means for spending locally AND expanding the way one deals with purchases, needs, and the many talents and resources we each harbor. It also promises to begin trading with other currents in like-minded regions. And grow throughout the entire Hudson Valley and Catskills.


But first, let’s go over those basics again…

How do I earn Currents? The Currents you earn and spend hold the same value as dollars, per IRS mandate. Therefore if you would typically sell something at $20 you would also sell it at 20 Currents. Go to our website and head for the Marketplace in the blue menu bar, click My Advertisements, then click New. Fill in the form, applying text format if that’s the way you prefer to exchange Currents. Be sure and list what products you feel comfortable offering, as well as services and time you’re willing to spend.

How do I spend Currents? What are you looking for? Check out what’s available, now, on our Marketplace. Look members up on a map. Or post what it is you’re looking for, if not an advertised service or product. Then go through our purchasing steps, online or via text. The accounting is instantaneous, and taken care of! At first, the process may not always turn up what you want, but that will change as more use Hudson Valley Current, and offer up different products.

How do I pay?: The Current is digital currency and doesn’t yet have a physical medium, like banknotes or coins. When searching through ads at the online marketplace your account provides you with your digital balance.

How do I use Pay-by-text?: Did you enter your phone number when you created your HV Current account? Then all you have to do is substitute the correct username of who you’re purchasing goods or services from, as well as the cost of what you’re purchasing. Then send your text to “HV Current Text Payments: 845-809-1064.” You will immediately receive a text confirmation. You’ve Paid! Remember… the key is changing that username.

How do I do my accounting?: The Hudson Valley Current website keeps track of transactions on all sides, making it easy for you or a bookkeeper to reference your profile when entering income and expenses.

Remember: Being a Current member provides HVC members with the means to build community sustainability, regional relevance, and the ability to make everything you do pay for itself and your quality lifestyle.