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Triple Bottom Line Thinking

Interview with Current member Ajax Greene of On Belay

Compiled by Katie Clayton


When did you open your business?

On Belay Business Advisors was founded in early 2006. At that time the Hudson Valley was not generally engaged with the national Localism and Triple Bottom Line business community. We were one of the leaders to bring that vital way of thinking about business here.


Was there anything specific that prompted you to start your business at that moment?

What makes your business unique from competitors?

I’ve always enjoyed teaching others and am a national leader in the movement. It’s knowledge that I find important to share. Taking my successes as a serial social entrepreneur and my national leadership role in Localism and Triple Bottom Line thinking and effectively using it to grow my clients’ success is what makes us unique.


How do you make that translate through your client’s vision?

Typically my clients already have a vision of how they want to change the world but they need help with basic business skills to effectively bring their mission to life. I aid them in anything from sales and marketing to consumer issues, striving and pushing them to work exclusively with other values-driven people. I truly love spending time with the creative energy most business owners bring.


How would you like to see your business grow?

The opportunity to help more businesses engage with their values as a path to increased success is really important. The economy in the Hudson Valley is going to take off in a way we haven’t had in a long period of time. It’s very exciting because we deserve and need it. But sometimes with a lot of growth can also come not so good growth, so it’s an important time for folks to have their businesses grow up and really learn these practices that are happening across the globe.


How have you been using Currents in your business? And/or how do you plan to use them?

I’m happy to take Currents from anyone who wants help with their business and wants to participate in the Localist economy. Personally I’ve used Currents at Creekside Acupuncture and Natural Medicine.


You recently started a new business venture; can you give some details regarding that?

The Coherence Collaborative (Coherencecollaborative.com is live, but we are still tweaking art direction and adding team member bios) is a wisdom-based strategic advisory firm.