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Three Sisters Herbals

Motherhood is a powerful rite of passage. The upwelling of nurturing maternal instincts has the capacity to stir visceral responses in mommas-to-be. When Kim Mule was pregnant with her first child she got one of these wake-up calls. “I had a big epiphany and totally changed the way I was eating. I wanted to set a good example for [my baby]. That started me on this journey—eating organic, making organic baby food. Having your first baby is always life changing. And for me I knew this is how I was going to change my life.”
Years later, someone gifted Kim with a DIY salve kit. All the ingredients were pre-measured, for an easy activity. Kim recalls, “When I opened the box, it was like it was illuminated from the inside,” she laughs. “That is really what got me started digging into herbal medicine and taking control of my family’s health in a way that I felt confident about. Finding the balance between modern medicine, herbal medicine, and homeopathy became a lifestyle for us.”
Kim Mule of Three Sisters Herbals.
Eight years ago, when Kim was pregnant with her third child, she founded Three Sisters Herbals. “I’d been making herbal salves and tinctures for our family for a while. It was something I was good at. It felt good for me as a person and I wanted to share it with the world.”
She crafts her products from a studio in her home. Her husband and children all help with the process. Both online and in shops throughout Ulster and Dutchess she offers a full line of products—bath salts, lip balm, salves, tinctures, hand sanitizers, and more.
“The fact that I started the business when I was pregnant with my last baby felt very much filled with destiny. Now I joke the business is my other baby. But I do look at it like that—it feels like a child, borne of so much maternal creation, with such a desire to change the way I did things for my family.” And as the business has grown, Kim has developed her larger desire to help mothers and babies. She has a lot of events in the community, helping mothers and answering questions.
She designs her products with the family health and budget in mind, and thus many items are multi-use. Her famous Magic Salve can be used for general dry skin and lips, eye makeup removal, first aid cream, minor cuts, rashes, burns, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, and any other skin irritations. Kim says, “When the kids were little and we were a small income family, we spent a lot of money on all those different products, and a lot it was full of chemicals. So I made one product that is a little more expensive, but you can use it for a lot of things.”
The herbs and essential oils Kim uses are certified organic. When she begins researching a new product she studies what each ingredient is in its raw, natural state. “I try to figure out how can I use this product in the state closest to that while still maintaining the purity, freshness, and shelf life that you need in a retail setting.”
“Because our business is based in our home, I try to develop relationships with the few key retailers that carry my products. These reciprocal relationships are working really well—we promote each other and help each other. There will come a day when I outgrow the space I have, but for now we’re just rolling with it because I do like being at home. My youngest is only eight. I love being able to put my kids on the bus in the morning, or being here when they get back. I am my own boss. I love that flexibility.”
Three Sisters Herbals products are available at Earthgoods Market in Hyde Park; New Baby, New Paltz and New Baby, New World both in New Paltz; Waddle and Swaddle in Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, and Beacon; as well as online at threesistersherbals.com. Text by Marie Doyon. 
–Marie Doyon
Three Sisters Herbal