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This New Year

As I put this issue to bed, my wife is busily packing us for a vacation—an end of summer vacation.

This time of year marks a new beginning, the way the New Year does. It is a time of reflection. Summer is over. Fall begins. My children are starting school again next week—a new classroom, a new teacher, new friends. After a summer of play, camps, and visits to grandma, a new routine is about to be established. For me it is not as drastic, but I have been enjoying swimming in the creek, long late-day bike rides, my fresh garden, and trips to the pool (which are at this point all short-lived).

So what better time to experience one more hoorah before settling in for the cozy seasons. Vacations shake things up a bit and recharge one’s batteries. For me, this is especially true with camping. My family and I enjoy putting on our packs, filled with clothing, food, and supplies, and heading into the woods for a few days. This back country camp experience really connects us with nature and reminds us of how the earth can really provide for us, and how we must always be respectful to nature.

My kids had the pleasure of attending Wild Earth summer camp last month. In just two weeks of camp, they’ve learned to slow down in nature and be more observant. They have become experienced at spotting wild birds and edible weeds. They are excited to try their newfound fire-making skills during our camping excursion, to find rocks they can paint with, and identify feathers. I am very grateful that I get to go into the wild with them, learn from them, and let them connect deeply, just a bit more, with this great summer season before plunging into the new year. I hope you all enjoy your end of summer, too!

–Chris Hewitt