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The Yardavore

Dear neighbors and other folks,

    It’s been wonderful to contribute The Yardavore to this publication for the last seven years — 87 columns about eating delicious homegrown food, both cultivated and wild. Far from becoming bored with the subject, the more I research and practice eating local foods, the more I realize that it’s a fantastic, endless source of delectable sustenance and one of the best things you can do for your body, soul and community. From the feedback I’ve gotten from you, it’s a feeling that many share.

    Now, I need to focus on my work with our farmers, and the Yardavore must end. The Stick to Local Farms and Fun map, in its fifth year, is growing to include other fantastic cultural sites and sights in the Rondout Valley. Join us to kick off the season with a party at Arrowood Farm Brewery on Friday, May 25 and for our bicycle tour of farms with the Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club (with routes for all ages!) on June 9.  My studio in Accord is busy — farms need new signage, brochures, package design, merch and other stuff. The Rondout Valley Growers Association, on whose board of directors I serve, has a new executive director — Carol Reiser — and we’re growing (see rondoutvalleygrowers.org). I’ve been wanting to write another Hudson Valley local foods cookbook, this one in comic book form for kids and others. So much to do!

    Thank you, dear readers, for inspiring me all these years. And thank you Paul and Chris for your support. We live in one of the most gorgeous places on earth with amazing neighbors, great civic life and the world’s best swimmin’ holes. The climate is perfect for a ridiculous variety of flora, fauna and fungi! So get out there and forage some wild April greens, dream of morels coming in early May, and please, stay in touch.

    Your local food adventurer,

Maria Reidelbach

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