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A local currency for our region  

by David McCarthy, tongdrol@gmail.com

Local currencies are springing up all over the world as part of an effort by citizens to empower their own communities and regions economically. A small group of planners (including Country Wisdom News publisher Chris Hewitt) has been working behind the scenes for over a year now to create a local currency for the Hudson Valley. It will be a dollar- equivalent, printed currency similar to the successful Berkshares (www.berkshares.org) in nearby Western Massachusetts.
Our organizing efforts so far have been mainly in Ulster County, but we plan to expand outward to our seven-county target region of the Mid-Hudson Valley, namely Ulster, Dutchess, Greene, Columbia, Orange, Putnam, and Sullivan counties. This region has a population of over a million people!
Why create a local currency? The basic intentions are to foster a sense of economic community, build a regional focus, and encourage everyone to do business with locally owned companies. Launching the Hudson Valley Current is very much a community process, both in terms of the planning and design work involved, but also just in spreading the word and getting businesses and individuals interested and excited about the idea.
We plan vibrant visual designs that highlight the rich heritage of the Hudson Valley. You are warmly invited to get involved with this project at any level! See our website (hudsonvalleycurrent.org) for contact information or send an email to hvcurrency@yahoo.com.