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The High Falls Café

A great place to eat, to meet, and tap your feet.   
Having given the community one of the greatest local family fun “go-to place” for almost nine years, High Falls Café owners Buffy and Brian Gribbon originally started their business for exactly that reason.
Said Buffy, “Brian is a culinary school graduate and was in the business for 30 years—so we felt the area needed a family fun area for people to go with good food and community events.”
The Gribbons feel the best part of their business is the people they meet – regulars and new faces alike.  “Our regular customers are part of our family,” said Buffy adding, “We feel a strong connection to them and that is the circle that makes small businesses work.”
Strongly committed to the community the Gribbons give gift certificates to auctions and events; donate chili and soup to local fundraisers; and also host their own community “fun”raisers every year.
However there’s one major excitement that they feel has opened the doors for their business…MUSIC.
Said Buffy, “Times are tough and being able to provide a place where people can see the quality of musicians that we have for free is unheard of. Local talent is in abundance here. We’re so lucky. I don’t think most of the public realize who is playing locally and that they should take advantage of it as often as they can.”
One of those local musical happenings is the five-year-running Sunday Jazz Brunch, started by singer/musician and local resident, Bill Bannan. This popular, well-attended musical potpourri is still going strong—especially in their new location at The Stone Dock Golf Course.
According to Buffy, their new location offered them the opportunity to have larger events and use the spectacular outdoor space as a summer location for catering weddings and parties, which they did not have at their old location.
“We have Jack & Jill Showers that are a favorite. Men play golf while the women enjoy opening the gifts. Makes for a great time!” she said. And she’s happy there’s more parking space and an overall community feel with the wrap-around bar and great dance floor.
Join the High Falls Nine Year Anniversary Celebration on May 25th with an outdoor pig roast and party.
The High Falls Café is located at The Stone Dock Golf Course; 12 Stone Dock Rd., High Falls;
845-687-2699; For all scheduled events, menu, and more info:highfallscafe.com and on Facebook.
Photo and text by Rochelle Riservato.