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That’s A Lot of Money

It’s amazing how much money is in this issue of Country Wisdom News.  Hidden on each page, but not so hidden that you can’t reap the rewards, are coupons and saving on a majority of ads. Local businesses are making you an offer to stop on by.

If you haven’t eaten at Le Canard in Kingston, bring in the coupon for 10% off your purchase and experience a fabulous eatery. Most of us have strolled through the streets of Woodstock, but have you ever gotten 10% off your check at Violette?

Find special value pricing throughout this issue. You may be able to plan a getaway with family while they’re in town based on where you can save a few bucks. It’s all in here—food, clothing, alcohol, records, pet supplies and more.

I’ve never been a coupon cutter, but this month I am. You will also notice a couple of articles that focus on economic issues. It’s a perfect time of year for thinking about the economy, mostly because is is shopping and our willingness to spread our own money that helps the economy not only thrive but exist in the first place.

When we make a conscious effort to shop locally, we notice things about our local stores that we wouldn’t have otherwise. I recently strolled into Nectar in High Falls to discover they have a wonderful kids section with toys and music for all ages.

I’ve been so happy to meet the local business owners this holiday season. Many people are willing to advertise and get the word out about their businesses because they know that there’s a strong community of support out there.  I try to shop in every business I go into, and the team of great people working on this newspaper do the same. Check out Lisa’s article for anecdotes to share with the community.

Many tiding of joy to you from all of us a Country Wisdom News. May the new year hold peace and prosperity for you and all of us.

–Chris Hewitt