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Spring 2014: Eastern New York State Transitioning News Essex & Washington to Westchester & Rockland Counties

by Eastern New York State Transitioners  
Edited by Pamela Boyce Simms  

What better way to throw open wide a Spring 2014 window to Transitioning news in Eastern New York State, than for Transitioners to speak directly to readers?
Here’s your moment of Transition:
Transition Albany: “Small but enthusiastic. Core members are active in efforts to address the trans-shipment of Bakken crude through the Port of Albany via rail.”
For Transition Albany, Dave Hochfelder, Initiator
Transition Catskills: “While we are still very much in the startup phase, we have done a lot of planning over the winter and are arranging a number of public outreach events in the coming weeks to launch ourselves into the community.” 
For Catskills in Transition, Jeffrey Tomasi, Initiator.
Hamptons in Transition: “Hamptons in Transition has several new members and is working on a bus/cash mob to support local businesses and promote public transportation usage. We’re revamping our brochure, producing a series of speaking engagements, and exploring cohousing. Teamed with the Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery Project, we’ll animate their next fundraiser on June 13th at the Charles Adams House in East Hampton.” For Hamptons in Transition, Bobbie Cohen, Initiator.
Kingston Transition: “Small as our numbers are, we do still exist and are getting stronger. Kingston Transition now has a table at the Kingston Farmers Market.”
For Kingston Transition,Gai Galitzine, Initiator.
Transition Marbletown: “Transition Marbletown originated and co-sponsors the annual Common Ground Celebration (http://www.rvcgc.org/) which brings people together to recognize our common ground and celebrate our shared vision for the Rondout Valley as a healthy, creative, regenerative and sustainable community. Signs of Sustainability awards local citizens who have contributed significantly to our sustainability and our community are featured.”
For Transition Marbletown,Cornelia Wathen, Initiator.
NYC Metro in Transition: “The 2015 North East Permaculture Convergence, supported by a partnership between the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (PINE) and the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) will be held for the first time in the New York City metropolitan area during the summer of 2015. This is such an exciting endeavor because the Transition movement is maturing so quickly as it penetrates the consciousness of like-minds focused on re-localization. Next year’s convergence is, I believe, only just the beginning of what’s to come in terms of future collaborations. This event will mark a year of many firsts for both movements and we are excited that the time has come for Permaculture and Transition to unite.” For the MATH Council & PINE 2015 Convergence Organizing Committee, Kelly Fragale.
Transition Ossining: “We have supported the formation of a community garden on the grounds of a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Hope. Due to its Rivertown location on the Hudson, the initiative is evaluating opportunities to revitalize its waterfront as part of the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) waterways project.”
For Transition Ossining, John Bell, Initiator.
Rosendale Transition: “Rosendale won’t sit on its hands watching with heartbreak as the earth becomes less hospitable to life. We are retraining hands to play music, grow food, repair tools, take care of our neighbors, and provide energy locally. And our hearts are into it!” For Rosendale Transition, Amy Trompetter, Initiator.
Sustainable Saugerties: “We bring together people interested in creating the infrastructure needed for local resilience. We support strong local food production, small house, and emergency preparedness initiatives born from our networking activities all while building momentum and holding the larger picture so these efforts don’t take place in isolation. Sustainable Saugerties will sponsor our 4th “Revisioning Local” panel discussion on Sustainable Housing; will return to the weekly Saugerties Farmer’s Market in May; and sponsor spring and summer neighborhood potlucks. We’ve created a Saugerties-specific Transition brochure and PowerPoint to spread the word, and have been recruiting new members for our vibrant and exciting working groups.”
For Sustainable Saugerties Transition Town, Karuna Foudriat, Initiator.
Transition Schenectady “A catalyst for change with the Vale Urban Farm, Electric City Bike Rescue, and SchenectadyNYStrong.TimeBanks.org; all young and potentially powerful vehicles to carry us into a better tomorrow. Don’t let our diverse interests and small numbers fool you. We are creating the tomorrow we have dreamed of.” 
For Transition Schenectady, Clarence (Rennie) Fountain, Initiator.
Transition Troy: “We meet weekly and have a monthly public informational event followed by a potluck. We started a Solarize Troy campaign to provide group purchasing of solar systems. Ongoing related efforts include Troy Shares, a community timebank, composting with Troy’s City Counsel, a Farmer’s Market, and Community Gardens. Local Transition-related groups are looking at co-housing projects, vehicle shares, and solar powered boat transportation for our lakes, rivers and canals.”
For Transition Troy, David Borton, Initiator.
Tri-county-NY Transition: “We are a widely recongnized affiliation of towns, villages and cities in Warren, Washington and Essex Countiesand on the radar of local officials as a group of aware resident-activists with access to current information about issues related to the need to decrease our dependency on oil. Tri-County Transition projects include: reduction of plastic shopping bag usage; a solar exhibit at a community arts gathering followed up this May with a solar panel discussion; collaboration with a local community college to foster the availability of locally grown foods; and a Local Foods Symposium.” For Tri-County-NY Transition, Lisa Adamson and Ruth Lamb, Initiators.
The Transition Westchester Hub “We co-hosted the first Transition Training in Westchester County which boosted the profile of Transition in the county tremendously. Transition Westchester plans a monthly Transition Café for discussion of key issues over coffee and desserts. Recent victories were a Seed Swap in Dobbs Ferry and a Noah event in Mt. Kisco; a potluck and discussion of response to extreme weather followed by a viewing of the movie “Noah.”  Transition Westchester also sponsors ongoing reskilling classes. For The Westchester Transition Hub, John Bell, Initiator.
Woodstock NY Transition “(WNYT) is evolving organically with a solid core of committed, connected members within eight working groups, namely: Garden Share—hosts monthly meetings chock full of presentations and skills sharing. Woodstock Organic Waste (WOW)—featured in a March 2014 Woodstock Times article works towards the establishment of an organic waste hauling system in Woodstock, and Ulster County. Green Energy—works with collaborators to avail people of subsidies for home energy-efficiency improvements. Working Group Support develops group trainings and conflict resolution guidelines. Publicity and Community Outreach—co-hosts a film and community conversation series with local partners. Local Living Economy organized a community conversation event for local business owners and residents. Total Wellness and Transportation organizes ongoing projects. Throughout the unfolding of this Woodstock Transition journey, we are in it together for the long haul.
For Woodstock Transition, Caroline Ritchey, Member.
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