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Spencer And Rains

My very good friend from college, Howard Rains,  recently came up to Hopewell Junction with his wife Tricia Spencer to play some fiddle and guitar for an intimate little crowd. Howard and Tricia live in Texas, but they were invited to play at a private house party owned by a man who researches Bluegrass and Appalachian music.

Howard and Tricia do the same kind of research, but more based around Texas and Oklahoma. They seek out living legends, or family members who have stories and photos of a deceased musician, and then they learn all they can about the old songs that the musicians have been passing down for generations. 

A Howard Rains watercolor.
The show that they put on was amazing—not only was there music bringing me back to some cottage somewhere in my Appalachian ancestry, the two of them were hilarious whenever they spoke between songs. It was wonderful to see genuine people sharing old songs of our country. 

I’ve been listening to one of their albums this week in my car, The Old Man and the Old Woman. I have a few songs totally stuck in my head. Usually I don’t like when that happens, but these songs keep my toes ‘a tappin and my mouth ‘a grinnin.

I highly recommend checking out all that they have to offer at spencerandrains.com.
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–Chris Hewitt
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