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Social Safety Net

America’s social contract—our safety net—is broken. Most of us remember a time when one parent could work while the other spent time around the home with the kids, making meals, teaching skills, and so much more.
That’s how it was when I was a little kid in the seventies and eighties. My whole family had health care that was provided by my dad’s job; my mom worked from home as an illustrator and later a graphic designer; my dad earned a pension and plenty of vacation days; my parents bought their home and even had some extra money to become boaters. But then my mom had to start working outside the home in order to make ends meet. That’s right around when everyone had to start working more just to survive.
The fact that we all have to work so hard just to pay the bills means that we’re missing out on the beautiful things in life. We have less time for socializing with friends, enjoying recreational opportunities, or just relaxing. We are an overworked society, and we see less and less benefits as time goes on.
What can we do about this lack of abundance? I believe the answer for our region is the Hudson Valley Current—our local currency. The Current ensures that as we earn and spend money, it doesn’t get sucked out of the local economy (which increases the chances that our money will flow back to us). It has a multiplier effect, creating more abundance for ourselves and for our neighbors. When we are prosperous we don’t have to work so hard just to scrape by, leaving more time for the beautiful . I think the Hudson Valley Current has the potential to be our modern social safety net.
With this in mind, Country Wisdom News is working in collaboration with the HV Current to launch a new publication in March. Livelihood magazine (which will be an insert in every issue of CWN) is the Hudson Valley’s new economics and trade news magazine promoting the Hudson Valley Current and serving the community with investment ideas, financial news, and stories on how the Current flows.
We hope this new publication helps make your livelihood more abundant, fruitful, fun, and interesting. Stay tuned.
–Chris Hewitt
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