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Sheri Ponzi

Sheri Ponzi is an artist who teaches workshops and retreats to encourage and support creative freedom and authenticity. From her Everpresent Magic Studio in the Shirt Factory in midtown Kingston, she creates her own mixed media works using “acrylic paint, essential oils, love, blessings, sacred intent, Magic and sometimes glitter.” Ponzi describes Everpresent Magic as “the tingling of chills down your spine when you hear a deep truth, the synchronicities that unfold when you are on your path, the deep knowing that always exists in your heart, the tiny and massive miracles that find you when you open to them.”

Sheri has extensive training and experience in the areas of personal growth, counseling, energy healing, and intuitive guidance. She facilitates deeply transformational healing sessions, workshops, classes, and online courses. Sheri has been practicing powerful forms of hands-on and intuitive healing for the past 10 years and facilitating personal growth workshops and classes since 1996.

She helped to start a school where all day, every day kids get to be completely in charge of their lives, their education, and how they spend their time (www.sudburyschool.org). “Other than having two amazing boys,” she says, “this is the thing I am proudest of.”

After growing up in Niagara Falls, NY, Sheri became “a bit of a personal transformation junkie. I’ve lost track of the programs and trainings I’ve done—from a Master’s Degree to a 16-month shamanic training program to several types of hands-on-healing, and everything in-between.” Sheri is usually in the middle of at least five books at once, almost always non-fiction.

“I was a Molecular Genetics major during my first two years at college. I switched to psychology after a little voice told me that fiddling with DNA wasn’t going to help people be happier. Seriously, I actually heard a voice.”

Sheri’s Everpresent Magic Studio provides a safe space to open to deep healing and a renewed sense of purpose and possibility. She understands the profound transformation that occurs when a person begins to open to their heart’s desire and this can be done with joy, play and good old-fashioned fun.

“I love painting on BIG canvases,” Sheri points out. “Like, really big. Note to self: My next car needs to be able to accommodate at least a 5-foot-square canvas.”

“I’ve known since I was 20 that I wanted to work with women in ways that helped them (us) know how awesome they (we) are. I am immensely grateful every single day that I get to do this amazing work with people just like you! Like, ‘blows my mind’ grateful.”

A self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, Sheri is obsessed with rose-flavored tea, soda, and chocolate. “I love to treat myself to a bouquet of light pink roses on occasion. Come to think of it, I should do that more often.”

Sheri will be announcing her events for the fall and winter this month.

For more information visit Sheri’s website at sheriponzi.com.

–Lisa Kelley