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Sensible Bliss

Offering the “70-Minute Hour” 

Deena Wade, proprietor of this intimate and serene massage therapy destination in the heart of historic Stone Ridge, has always been interested in alternative modalities for health and wellness.
“It’s as much an art as a craft, a blend of skill and curiosity and intuition,” said Wade, adding that it’s “very satisfying” to provide a community service where her clients are glad when they arrive and even happier when they leave her. Her clients are treated to an integrated form of massage therapy, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point depending on what the client needs and desires. “I try to listen to each client as an individual, so each session is a little different. Along with the relaxing music and dim lighting, the massage table has a heated sheepskin cover and a Far Infrared Heating Pad, which penetrates much deeper than standard heat, and she uses pesticide-free jojoba oil considered closest to the skin’s natural sebum. So why a “70-Minute Hour?”
She said she found it “disturbing” while once working for a day spa that had clients on the table for only 40-50 minutes. “It gives me time to really attend to my clients’ needs without being in a hurry and helps create that timeless feeling massage often provides.” Wade is also a Certified Facilitator of The Living Inquiries that helps resolve compulsive behavior and diminish beliefs about one’s self that causes suffering. Also offered is Whole Food Dietary Counseling with Coral Rich, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC that provides a significant difference in physical health and resilience.