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Root Therapy

I received a call from the dentist’s office the other day. The woman told me that I would need root therapy on the #14 tooth. Wow, I thought, that sounds great. What’s root therapy? A tooth massage? Nope—it’s a fancy name for a root canal. But it got me thinking about the importance of roots.

Our family roots make us who we are today—they are a foundation for all of the little details that make us unique. Without them, we wouldn’t exist. Each on of our descendants are a fork in the road of our evolution. Each one is crucial.

The same goes for the roots of a tree. The first organic matter to emerge from a see is a root. I sinks its “teeth” into the soil to grab on an hold tight. Everthing that grows above it relies on the strenght of the root system that develops, whether it’s a little clover or a giant oak.

But then I started thinking about about another kind of rood—an edible one—a tuber. Now is the time of year when all of the potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, and parsnips (hearty tubers) are being picked en masse to be stored for the winter. They will last for months to get us through the toughest season. They are the foundation of something very therapeutic—soup.

I’ve been making a variety of soups lately, and all of them contain at least one root vegetable. These roots are the substance of the meal, the foundation of something wonderful. The spicy hot soups keep my family and me very healthy. Onions and garlic are also very important roots to my family’s health, They typically start start every meal.

It would be great if this kind of root therapy could solve all of our woes. Maybe, just maybe, my teeth will feel better after a steaming bowl of soup.

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–Chris Hewitt