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Ride the Current

I love earning and spending Hudson Valley Currents, our region’s local currency. I know that every time I use a Current, it will stay in our local economy—because Currents can’t be exchanged for dollars, so they can’t be spent at box stores that suck the money out of our region.

And I also love the name, the Current. It means so many things, while still sounding like the word currency.

Flow with the Current: money must flow in order for it to stay healthy, just like our body’s circulatory system. Circulation is life; the more our money circulates locally, the healthier our businesses and lives become.

Electrify the Current: an electric current flows through an electrical system in a similar way as money flows through a community—it follows a path of least resistance and brings power to the people. 

Get Current: the way we use money is changing, and the HV Current uses modern transaction technology that is similar to Apple Pay or PayPal. Digital currency is the way of the future, and the present—in fact, a very small percentage of US dollars today are in paper form; digital transactions are king.

This holiday season while you’re spending money in the community, try to remember how powerful each dollar that you spend is. You create ripple effects every day, which either fade away to a far away land when we don’t buy local, or they build momentum when we support our neighbors’ businesses until the ripple becomes a flowing current of support and success.
–Chris Hewitt

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