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Red Baron of Rhinebeck

This month I had the great opportunity to fulfill one of my childhood dreams—to fly in a small antique plane like the Red Baron. After watching antique planes show their stuff at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome all afternoon, I met my match—a 1928 New Standard biplane. I was soon taking a private ride up in this open cockpit double winged plane with a pilot riding in the wind behind me. I took this ride with one of the bravest people I know—my eight-year-old daughter.
It’s interesting to note the difference in our perception of this experience. She felt as if she was boarding a roller coaster that a million people ride every day. I felt as if I was boarding a rocket ship to outer space that was on its last legs, from which I may never return. She excitedly looked down at the scenery while I hesitated to think about how high we really were and that there was no barrier between us and the hard earth.
When we got off, her first exclamation was, “That was awesome!” and mine was, “Whoa.” Now that a few days have gone by, I realize that a dream was fulfilled, and it was not just the experience of soaring through the open air. It’s witnessing the freedom of fully trusting in the moment. I watched my daughter laughing with delight as she let the sky carry her effortlessly. I look back and remember that feeling of security, even though it was hers at the time and not mine, and that feeling adds peace to my life.