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Positive News Briefs

More Debuts Than Ever In Maverick’s 102nd Year!

Woodstock’s Maverick Concert Hall is a historic wonder, built of a mess of windows as a temporary shelter and now a reminder of a looser, highly creative time when Midwestern poet Hervey White came East to help found the Byrdcliffe Colony, then branched off to begin his own Maverick Colony and festivals, which many now call a precurser to the 1969 and 1994 Woodstock Festivals. This summer, the Maverick Concerts series that’s been running since before our nation joined World War I will be hosting three internationally-renowned string quartets making their debuts at the historic “music chapel” in the woods, alongside the classical world’s top players who’ve been coming for decades. Concerts are usually Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons; their are great outside listening seats, as well. Talk about catching in on the Hudson Valley’s grand cultural legacy! Visit www.maverickconcerts.org for tickets and programs, many featuring some of music’s contemporary wonders.

Keep The EPA Aware Of The Hudson’s PCB Problem!

Remember the big river-cleaning battles of past decades? If not, here’s the recap: Years of manufacturing along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers, particularly in the electricity business that got its start in the region, led to discoveries of PCB contamination and federal cleanup efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency. Recently, the EPA came into the region to hear how their efforts were being received, albeit at a sole Mid-Hudson region public session. According to Scenic Hudson, “The EPA is claiming success in its five-year review of the Hudson River Superfund cleanup, when in fact it is abandoning the cleanup and leaving two to four times more toxic PCBs in the river than it expected.  EPA’s mandatory five-year review of the dredging project is intended to assure that human health and the environment are being protected by the cleanup—in this case, to confirm that enough PCBs have been removed to protect people and facilitate the healing of a severely damaged Hudson River ecosystem.” They’re suggesting letters to the feds… and action. Why, you ask? It would be nice to fully enjoy our beloved river again, wouldn’t it, from swimming to eating its fish without fear. Contact scenichudson.org for full information.

Taste NY ON The Taconic Turns Three

Some scoffed when a Taste NY Market opened up in an unused rest area on the Taconic State Parkway  at Todd Hill, in LaGRange, three years ago. But they oohed and ahhed last month when New York State Commissioner of Agriculture Richard Ball came out for anniversary festivities and announced that the state’s experiment had brought in a whopping $3 million in total sales since its opening from its 2000 plus products supplied by over 200 regional vendors. As Market Manager Lachele Coninx-Wiley put it,  “In three years we have built a business that is sustainable, supports agricultural community outreach and education, and is recognized as a destination for the finest food products in the region.  The Todd Hill staff’s energy and dedication, along with Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County’s administrative and programming support is immense.  As a result of the Taste NY initiative, farms and value added vendors have increased access to retail markets while consumers are introduced to local and new products which they are very excited to see and eager to buy.” Head on over…