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Ping Pong Night

My friends and I have been playing ping pong every Tuesday at the Gander Inn in Kerhonkson. It’s an old tradition that we started years ago at a friend’s home, but now we’re bringing it back to life at a new local restaurant. The fact that they advertise in Country Wisdom News makes it that much better.

The idea of “ping pong night” has become a long story. It’s not so much about the ping pong—although the competition can be fierce. The game is only something that’s happening between two people in the background.

Over time the gathering becomes a mix of people of all ages, coming for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s for the food, and the smiles. Or maybe it’s about strumming a guitar and relaxing with friends.

“Ping Pong Night” is a way for us all to get out into town to see our neighbors, to tell our stories, to listen, and to catch up. If you happen to like ping pong, we invite you to join us sometime.

As always, send us your stories, ideas and thoughts. We’re always looking to share.

–Chris Hewitt