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Outdated Café: Mixing Modern & Vintage

by Alysse Robin  
The Outdated Café is a vintage shop that serves fabulous lunch and bakery items. Or is it a scrumptious café that sells antiques and collectables? Well, either way, it’s pulling rave reviews from patrons near and far. Coined an antique café, this hotspot has a clean, barn-museum atmosphere that carries the amazing aroma of coffee—and boy do they do coffee. Outdated’s charming, comforting country feel comes through in the many details throughout—like the wide-board floors and the knotty pine farm-style family tables, and the many, many items on display (all for sale).
The antiques and throw-backs that line the walls of the Outdated Café give it an old general store feel. Each item is clearly carefully selected and displayed, each with a story to tell—faded rustic signs that advertised once-vibrant businesses, cast iron pots that served a large family, and the old Chevy billboard that called to young greasers on the hunt for new wheels. Apothecary cases and jars for herbs and potions, wooden rolling pins that a girl once used to roll out her first pie dough, vintage American flags from all eras of our country, leather chairs that look like they belong in a 1970s jet-plane, and roll down maps like we had back in 7th grade geography—each article has its own history. Whimsical and fun, this place will bring you back to memories of eras that are even before your time, with items so familiar that they feel like yours.
At the front counter you can watch the movement in the kitchen, and hear the clanking of the pots and pans, and the sizzling of the grill. My family and I ordered, then sat at one of the biggest of the worn wooden tables. I looked around at the other tables and watched the people enjoying this Kingston Stockade District eatery/antique shop. It was very laid back—a place where children and dogs fit just fine with young, single philosophers. It all works somehow.
Then came my beautiful latte, in a big wide mug. There was something about drinking that beautiful drink out of that wide and snug mug that just made it taste better. I know it would have been really good in any cup, but that mug—and the way the cream was frothed just perfectly, and then decorated—that was love. Just like visiting a friend. The sun was streaking into the big storefront windows that face the quaint Wall Street sidewalks. Light hit the heavy wood and glass armoires, shining on all sorts of precious oddities. I realized I was sitting in a special place—an eccentric gallery with great food and drinks established by people who put a lot of heart into their business. Partners Gabriel Constantine and Tarah Gay have created something unique.
The food did not disappoint. They use fresh local ingredients. My husband’s Tempe Reuben came with fresh kale chips and pickles. I got the veggie BLT, which brought me back to being 11. And my daughter (age 9) got the grilled cheese, which she reported was, “crisp and crunchy, but not burnt, with just the right amount of cheese; and the pickles are fresh and spicy.” Her dish came with apple chips, which she said, “had the perfect amount of crispy and sweet.”
Also, once there, you must take time to look through Outdated’s full vintage shop downstairs from the café. There you will find clothes, yes, clothes of the vintage nature. That’s right, would you like a side of retro boots with your Paleo-sandwich?
Outdated surprised me with their great service (including their modern smart phone credit-card swiping device used right at the table). Despite the many timeworn items, Outdated’s menu and creative approach are completely timely. Outdated or Contemporary? Either way, it is a must-experience combination and a memorable occasion for all of your senses.
outdated: an antique café
314 Wall Street, Kingston 12401