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Opening the Pathway to Natural Health

MaryJo Johnson is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist with training in herbal medicine and nutrition. Upon meeting MaryJo, you’ll immediately perceive her passion in bringing people to the peaceful inner “core” of health and existence they could possibly achieve. Johnson combines natural modalities to optimize the results necessary to reach your inherent pathway to good health and disease prevention through early intervention.

Johnson says, “Massage and acupuncture can play an important role in helping to deal, at an early stage, with the stresses we encounter as part of life.”
Although she is ardent that these therapies can prevent problems, MaryJo also believes that they’re great resources to deal with problems resulting from normal wear-and-tear and stress. The therapies support this by focusing on creating the best environment for a body to restore itself–hence why her treatments are modified for a client’s specific condition to support and enhance natural healing.
As a 2007 graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Johnson’s training and practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) give her an extensive foundation of knowledge from which to help people feel terrific every day—not just on treatment days. It’s extremely satisfying, explains Johnson, to teach people lifestyle-changing skills, such as relaxing breathing techniques, meditation, exercise and nutrition to achieve greater health.
Johnson offers a free initial 30-minute in-person or phone consultation to facilitate the planning of personalized treatment strategies for her clients. “I offer information and individual consultation to teach people the simple changes that’ll help them feel better and offer support and encouragement for them to improve and maintain their health,” she says.
As a practitioner of TCM, Johnson’s targets on clearing energy pathways, which may be blocked due to stress or injury. Unblocking these meridians allows the energy to flow freely for better digestion, reduction of stress and pain, with an increase in energy levels. In addition, this free flow of energy (Qi) can also maximize the outcome of efforts to get in shape and lose weight.
Johnson said, “This is why my tagline is ‘open pathways to health’—because when I treat with acupuncture my primary objective is to unblock the body’s energy pathways; to help energy flow smoothly in the correct direction.” When this is achieved, Johnson explains, pain is decreased and the body is better able to function and heal itself.
As a massage therapist, Johnson utilizes modalities that include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Thai. She explains, “My goal is to customize and modify the therapy by supporting and enhancing each client’s personal needs.”
MaryJo Johnson has a practice in Manhattan and New Paltz at 150 Route 32 North. You can reach her at (347) 880-0310 for appointments or consultations. openpathwaystohealth.com.

–text and photo by Rochelle Riservato