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Open Mic Fridays at Tilda’s Kitchen

I am personally so excited to throw the open mic at Tilda’s Kitchen. The idea of hosting an event that can really stimulate creativity and connection within the community is a joy!  

We’ll be hosting an INCREDIBLY talented house band for our first night that is there to serve performers who may wish to perform a cover song with a live band to back them. The open mic will be recorded a couple of different ways, so that performers may have a recording of their performance once the night is through. I’ve found that it’s so difficult to get a good recording of my sets over the years. And I’m all for the live stuff, so I’d really like to provide artists with their live experience so that they may reflect, release, and/or rejoice in their performance.

Each performer may be asked if they’d like to have an interview about their music and creative expression, and perhaps we could create a podcast that features the recording of their open mic performance, as well as the personal interview. These creatives deserve to be heard, and celebrated for their willingness to sing, dance, play, and create in this world.

Performers interested may sign up online or email matthewdavidgustafson@gmail.com to guarantee a seven minute performance slot for them, and to serve as a way of regulating the amount of people in attendance. We will be streaming the open mic nights live on Instagram @ommmmatthew, and we are hoping to allow that to be a great and accessible means of viewing the performers from the safety and comfort of your home. These performances will be uploaded to Instagram, or YouTube, and Facebook, with performers consent or mutual interest in doing so.

I was delighted to hear Gov. Cuomo is allowing greater capacity at events starting on our first open mic night. Perhaps this will give people the opportunity to come perform, and hopefully we’ll be able to watch the audience grow as the season progresses and gets warmer.

It is with sincere gratitude that I thank Chris Hewitt of the Hudson in Valley Current for allowing me to use the community space in my efforts to congregate the community. If you, the reader, have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to email me, as I truly believe it’s important to have the community‘s voice heard when it regards an event constructed for the community!

With love,

Matthew Gustafson