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Minigolf with a Side of…Basil?

Local putting green combines fun, facts and food. 

  Amidst the rolling farmland in scenic Rochester is a special treat for anyone who enjoys the simple pleasures of a quiet, artful game combined with taste pleasures that not only enliven, they also educate! Homegrown Mini-Golf is the only farm-themed course with edible landscaping. Signage throughout the landscape offers players facts and tidbits about the surrounding edibles that are there for you to pick and nibble while you putt the course. Many of these edibles are local foods that are also grown on Kelder’s Farm, where Homegrown Mini-Golf resides.

Delicious and healthy plants that line the pathways and greens include birch bark (which tastes like root beer), roses, herbs, plums and bursting berries (including blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries), among other exciting edibles.
While you’re there, you’ll meet the Grain Gang, a group of grain sculptures, standing at 90 times their natural size. Gang members include Oatus and Crazy Maizy. This gang of friendly punk grains is another way that Homegrown Mini-Golf links sensory food experiences and the enjoyment of sinking a ball into a hole—a winning combo!
Besides the tasting gardens that create the lush landscape of the course, a visit to Homegrown Mini-Golf on Kelder’s Farm can include feeding friendly farm animals, gathering local foods from the u-pick fields, and seeing the world’s largest garden gnome up close! This gnome has recently gotten the spotlight once again as it vies for the title of world’s largest.
Homegrown Mini-Golf, the Grain Gang, and the garden gnome (aka Gnome Chomsky) were all designed and built by artist and author Maria Reidelbach, an Accord resident. Her passions for art and food education continuously create new experiences for visitors.
You can take pleasure in Homegrown Mini-Golf for $3.25 per game, and you get a chance to win a free game at the last hole. Don’t forget to check out the locally made souvenirs in Kelder’s white barn!
Open 10am to 6pm everyday on Route 209 between Accord and Kerhonkson. Homegrownminigolf.com 845-626-7137.