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A philosophical question we’d like to discuss. Midtown Lively hit the streets to hear from neighbors and visitors. We appreciate and value what the Midtown community is saying. Here are some of their opinions:

I think I have a lot more skills and gifts that I’ve been given that I could be maximizing but I’m working on my confidence in order to fully harness those, and use them for my community’s benefit, my benefit and my family’s. I take baby steps toward that every day. 

– Siobhan DuPont

I would say no because in order to live up to your full potential you need a village. And we’re building that village. Once the village is whole, then everyone can live up to the fullest potential that we have.

– Manuel Blas

I’d say I’m 80% there. I think working with Tilda’s has really brought out a lot of potential in me, but I have 20% more to go in this community and in my life. I’m almost there!

– Max Fass

Am I living up to my full potential? Not always. I’m always trying. I’m not a finished product, but I’m trying to be a better man every day.

– Terrell Brown