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Life! My collaborations with the community and nonprofits. Our goals are to raise kids with a village mentality for a better outcome for the future of these children. 

– Chukie and Anita

Everything is blossoming for me. The weather is better, and it’s nice to see everything opening up again. I’m back at my old, favorite restaurant to eat [Broadway Lights Diner]. Our favorite laundromat is The Bubble, so I’m glad that they opened back up again too.

– Maureen Scott

Mi Familia. Aunque mi familia todavía está en Nicaragua, sé que lo que estoy haciendo aquí en los Estados Unidos también es importante para ellos.

– Antonio

I’ve been believing in myself and being more confident in my life. I’ve been working a lot to save up for my dreams of moving to Texas and going back to school! I’m no longer scared of the unknown.

– Jessica Alarcon-Vidal