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MIDTOWN TALKING: What does the word “glory” spark in you?

A philosophical question we’d like to discuss. Midtown Lively hit the streets to hear from neighbors and visitors. We appreciate and value what the Midtown community is saying. Here are some of their opinions:

I honestly think of it in a negative connotation, because it feels very war like. It gives me themes of dominance. I think very much of the Romans and their dominance over nature. It’s a little bit unsettling.

–Belén Gutiérrez-Peña

To me it’s like, open your eyes. Take the world that’s in front of you and actually appreciate it. When you know your glory you notice the world and how beautiful it is.

–Kenia Arriaga

Glory would be exaltation—to me, not in a religious sense, more of a euphoric sense, a natural sense. The original context was more celebratory and natural to humans. Glory is exaltation to the beauty of everything.  

–Ellis Bradley

Glory sparks, praise, compassion, unity, life, love. All the things that feel warm and fuzzy inside. That’s what glory really sparks in my mind.

–Alessandra Gonzàlez