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Midtown Talking: What does it mean to you to be “grounded”?

A philosophical question we’d like to discuss. Midtown Lively hit the streets to hear from neighbors and visitors. We appreciate and value what the Midtown community is saying. Here are some of their opinions:

To take care of yourself holistically. Being one as mind, body, and spirit. And if you’re in a place where you know yourself and you understand yourself you can grow from there … people see that you’re authentic and that’s how you build relationships.
— Barri Vazques Muhs

It’s about how you can find your own focus and understand how to reflect. If one can do that much, you would have found a way to ground yourself. Grounding would be more about being able to completely, with determination, find that focus and stay with it.
— Kaustubh Wahal

A very successful gardening session. So basically, doing what you love and channeling into that for the time being, and when you’ve finished, you have no expectations of anything. You just feel accomplished, for what you set out to do.
— Melanie Gonzalez

To be grounded is to be established, and sustained. It means to not be able to be moved, to persevere, to move as you want and when you want.
— Yani Yeno