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Midtown Talking: Room for Growth?

Does the Kingston population have room for growth? Midtown Lively hit the streets to hear from neighbors. We appreciate and value what the Midtown community is saying. Here are some of their opinions:

Sure! Because of the younger generation that’s coming up. I moved here in ’94 from DC, and Kingston wasn’t like this when I moved here; it was kind of worn down. But now it’s changing a lot, and I think it’s because of the new population.

–TJ Eades, Age 60, Kingston resident for 5 years 

Yes. 30 years ago IBM left the area and Kingston lost that economy. So about 30,000 people dropped to about 24,000. We have room for about 6,000 more people. We do have room for growth if people are willing to share space instead of pushing people out.

–Jordan Scruggs, Age 31, Kingston resident for 8 years 

I’ve definitely seen growth—on levels as far as community activities, events and art galleries. Art is being discovered and developed more within the community. I also see the population has definitely been gentrified, with housing becoming extremely unaffordable. I think Kingston is a great place to live and has a lot to offer people who come from different areas;  I feel like it’s what you make it.

–Shalawn Brown, Age 47, Kingston resident for 9 years

I think the population growth is creating an issue for housing. The money that’s coming in is making everything that we are used to more unaffordable.

–Jenna  and Sherri Farrell, Fat Cat Deli on Broadway