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Does your cup floweth over? A philosophical question we’d like to discuss. Midtown Lively hit the streets to hear from neighbors and visitors. We appreciate and value what the Midtown community is saying. Here are some of their opinions:

Yes. I believe it does. Hearing that, off the jump my first thing is my resources, the people that are around me. And I feel fulfilled, so yes, my cup does runneth over.  

–Winston Queen

My cup CONSTANTLY runneth over, in a number of different ways, and I am in a space of constant gratitude for that. Yes! Thank you for asking! 

-Jason Lord 

It hasn’t been, but it’s going to. I’m looking forward to it overflowing.

-Rachael Clemmons

It does! And it feels constant. Through my lens I feel just extremely, extremely grateful for the overflowing abundance that’s always happening. 

–Mirabai Trent