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It never hurts to have some magick on your side.

Note the spelling: we’re not talking about magic tricks, such as those performed by Harry Houdini, David Blaine or Penn and Teller (although it’s probably fun having them on your side, too). Those folks do illusions. Magick is the real deal, the art of lining up all possible factors to cause a desired outcome, getting reality to fit our intentions. In a sense, we perform magick when we learn a skill, tidy a room, prepare a meal, or get ourselves to bed on time to make an early morning easier.

Ritual magick generally involves tapping a bit deeper into the lore of plants and animals, the human psyche and the human body, to get more esoteric factors lined up on our team. Like any skill, that can take a bit of studying. There is science to it, and art, and a ritual can be a powerful message to the universe that we’re ready to receive what it is that we need or want.

Suppose you lead a busy life, and lack the time to immerse yourself in the study of oils, herbs, flower petals, incantations and potions? Never fear. Current Member of the Month, Melissa Orozco, had you in mind when she created her Everyday Magick Shop, offering simple, practical and attainable goods and services that can help you manifest your best intentions.

Orozco is a Curandera, Bruja and Usui Reiki Master and a natural born healer of Taino and Yoruba indigenous descent whose other passions include art and design. “It actually started with hands-on stuff like candles,” she says. “Candles are really my jam. I call them ritual candles and they are for a specific intention. I have a line of four different specific ones: one for protection, one for abundance, one for love, and one for tranquility.”

Each candle is crafted with clear magical intention and the finest ingredients. “From start to finish, the ingredients used are pure ingredients,” Orozco says. “I use only organic coconut wax and beeswax. I only use essential oils, no artificial scents or fragrances or anything like that, no colors or dyes in the candle wax. They smell incredible. And since each one has a certain intention, each one includes different herbs, crystals and essential oils that correspond with the intention of the candle itself.”

Orozco teaches her candle customers a simple ritual to help them maximize the tool’s impact. “Say you want a candle for abundance. It’s still up to you to decide what that means to you. Most people mean prosperity, so the candle has basil and mint and cinnamon, and the stones are crystals like peridot and quartz, and you throw a dime in there for that kind of intention. And my suggestion is basically that you write your precise intention on a piece of paper—you can speak it into the universe too if you want—and fold it. Three times is best: first, fold it toward yourself, then turn it 360 degrees and fold it again, do that once more and place it under the candle. The candle’s all set to do the work. I mean, anyone can do it any way they want, but that’s what’s worked for me.”

Orozco also offers house cleansings, in case you’ve got leftover trauma vibes hanging around from a crisis or a past resident, and Reiki treatments, both remotely and in person. “Energetic imprints can hang around,” she says. “Say you notice that you’re in a funk you can’t seem to shake or your business just isn’t running smoothly; simple energetic cleansing can make a very genuine difference. All matter has spirit to a certain degree, and if it’s not lined up with our intentions, it can cause otherwise inexplicable hassles and be a drag on your life.”

A Current member since 2015, Orozco is fond of using them at Hawthorne Valley Farm Store and at Circle Creative Collective craft markets. She accepts Currents for her goods and services, including design services. You can learn more about her simple, honest and attainable premixed spells and more at 

everydaymagickshop.com Image provided by Melissa Orozco