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Member Spotlight

Life Is Free Weights

Further Fitness Fits Valley Lifestyles

As Compiled by Jodi La Marco

    We caught up with Jamie Dreyer, one half of the husband-and-wife duo who run Further Fitness in Kingston to see what sets their training center apart from the rest of the pack.

You originally had a training gym on Long Island. What made you decide to relocate?

    Maribel and I started the first iteration of Further Fitness about six years ago when we were on Long Island. We decided to move up to the Kingston area because we preferred the community and the lifestyle up here. It’s a much more active community. Our training style really supports the active middle-age and up individual who wants to keep being active but who may have concerns about past injuries or surgeries.

Why do you train people with free weights rather than by using exercise machines?

    Our philosophy is, life is free weights. I think a lot of people get into trouble when they don’t think of exercise as supporting their active life, and they think of it just as a way to burn calories or perhaps a way to just look good. Moving incorrectly puts people at risk for injury. When you pick up your backpack, do yardwork, or you want to play with your kids or grandkids, you’re not going to be in a cushy, controlled environment. You won’t be sitting on a seat and having a piece of machinery guide the weight for you, you’re going to have to control that weight yourself. Some people might think of free weights as a “muscle-head” way of training, but we think of it as training for the rest of your active life. Kids are free weights. Bags of mulch are free weights. We are training your body how to move in a safe way.

How does your business fit into the larger movement to revitalize the Hudson Valley?

    This area is very inviting to retirees coming from other areas such as Long Island and New York City. Retirees are a core part of our market that we are looking to support. Many of our members are between 50 and 70 years old. They benefit from a different type of training then from, say, a full body boot camp class. They have specific needs that you don’t see in a lot of 20 and 30-year-olds which require a different approach and specialized education as far as a fitness professional is concerned. We’re helping support that retired group that is coming up here. They’re looking to invest in new homes and spend their money with other businesses. We want to give them an opportunity to remain active and live long healthy lives.

Why did you decide to use the Hudson Valley Current?

    I feel like the community itself makes great efforts to come up with reasons for people to mix and mingle and support one another, and I just never found that in the communities where I lived on Long Island. I think using a local currency is right for the community environment that we’ve found here in the Hudson Valley, and in Kingston in particular. It encourages people to support each other, and interact and mix more. As for how the Current factors in to our business, what we provide is a little bit of a luxury as far as how people spend their money. If someone has Currents to spend, they might view being able to spend some money with us a little differently. In that way, I think using the Current puts us at an advantage because it makes us really stand out. We also use Currents ourselves. We’ve used Currents to test out massage therapists, and we have our Sunday brunch meeting at Peace Nation in Kingston. We’re constantly looking for places to spend Currents. At this point, we could use some more Currents, so we are actively looking for more people to come in and spend Currents with us. There’s a lot of other businesses that we’d like to start participating with.