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An Ambassador For Current Use

Sonia Narvaez’s Enthusiasm Is Contagious

Compiled by Jodi La Marco

We caught up with Sonia Narvaez, Current Ambassador and owner of Socially Passionate Consulting, to hear what she had to say about her newly-launched business and her love of the Hudson Valley Current.

Who are you and what do you do?

    I was born here and I went to school at Rondout. I went to Stony Brook University and received a bachelor’s in health sciences with a concentration in public health, and I went to the University of Illinois at Chicago and received my master’s in public health. I decided to found the company Socially Passionate Consulting. I provide project management and virtual assistance services for entrepreneurs at all stages of their business. I’m really interested in creating a trusted partnership, and in building a client’s brand and creating those organized and efficient processes that are going to help companies and projects really grow. I like to work with clients not just to brainstorm and strategize, but also to implement and execute, and make sure that projects are sustainable.

What inspired you to start doing this kind of work?

    Public health is a very broad term. They don’t just teach you about the health aspect, they teach you how to be organized. I realized that I really love the process of helping people get organized. I also love working with people to develop their ideas and their projects: having those brainstorming sessions where you’re spitting out ideas, developing things, and really being creative and getting in that spirit. I want to help clients get their ideas out on paper and to take those action steps.

What sets you apart?

    Right now, I’m focused on working with local companies. I did join the Current, and I’m going to be working on their Ambassador Program. I think one thing that makes me stand out is that I’m from here. I know this community. I’m involved in what’s going on and I’m interested in learning about our economy and how we can work together to help our community flourish. I also understand what my clients’ needs are and I’m really communicative about that.

What are you doing as an Ambassador for the Hudson Valley Current?

    I’m trying to work with the Current to get the Ambassador Program running. Ambassadors help to stimulate Current activity. We’re getting out there and advocating for the Current. It’s not just about working with Currents and getting the local economy flowing, but also letting community members know what the Current is. We’re really trying to get the name of the Current out there and we’re trying to get as many businesses as possible in our community to understand it, use it, and be part of the system. Ambassadors are really going to get the name out there, spread that awareness, and build those relationships with the community. It’s all about engagement.

Why do you feel moved to spread the word about the Hudson Valley Current?

    I’ve seen a lot of businesses die here. It’s a nice quiet area, which is great, but there are a lot of empty businesses, and there’s a lot of disconnect in the community. Being part of the Current has helped me get excited about where we’re living—the little businesses that are popping up, the things that are happening. Trying to get everyone to work together is extremely exciting. I didn’t know half the businesses that are part of the Current even existed, so I was excited to see these businesses popping up here in the Hudson Valley. The connection that we’re creating is one of the biggest things for me.

Why do you use Currents? What was your last exchange like?

    I tend to search out those businesses that use Currents. When I did an exchange yesterday with Carthaigh Coffee, it wasn’t just swiping my card. It felt really great because it was a different type of exchange. I’m probably going to be heading there more often now.

How are Currents widening your horizons?

    I’m not a vegetarian, but there are a lot of vegetarian and vegan places and I’ve become much more open to visiting such places just for the chance to use my Currents. I feel much more comfortable going to this list of business that use Currents and doing business with them because there’s a relationship that we’re building. I tended to go to Shoprite; now I’m much more interested in going to the Rosendale Farmer’s Market to see what they have available because they accept Currents.

To learn more about Socially Passionate Consulting, visit Sonia’s website at sociallypassionateconsulting.com