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Member Profile: Family of Woodstock

For December’s Member Profile, we’re featuring Family of Woodstock, a local non-profit founded in 1970. Family offers the community services such as shelters, emergency food pantries, domestic violence services, court advocates, counseling and case management, hotlines, child care and more. Learn more about their work and why they use Currents, in our Q&A with Michael Berg, below. 

1.    Please describe the work you do at Family of Woodstock.

I am Family’s Executive Director. My primary role is to make things happen and to ensure that the Agency continues to be viable.

2.    What is the organization’s background and how did it start?

Family of Woodstock, Inc. is now 51 years old. It started as a community response to the impact on the Town of Woodstock of the fabled rock festival that happened in Bethel in the summer of 1969. After the concert, the Town was inundated with young people seeking Bob Dylan and the Woodstock Nation, and Family was started as a community response to provide a welcome to these young people.

3.    How do you choose the programs you offer? What is unique about them?

Family has always grown programming starting with a very foundational or fundamental service and building upon it as the consumers that need it tell us their additional needs. In general, when we are confronted with the needs of our clients that are not currently met with resources, we have been very successful in creating programming to address them.

4.    Can you share any projects or events that you have coming up?

The Agency is about to announce a Solar Campaign to create enough solar energy on the rooftops and land owned by the Agency to offset the complete electrical needs of the entire Agency for the future.

The Agency is also very active in helping to address the need for affordable housing. We are a principal in the Golden Hill, Quality Inn, and Tiny Homes projects currently under development.

5.    How did you get involved with Hudson Valley Current?

Through the tremendous generosity of its founder, Chris Hewitt.

6.    Why do you use Currents?

Primarily, the Agency uses Currents to pay for meals of homeless individuals or those without food.

7.    How can people learn more about Family of Woodstock?

Family has a website at Fowinc.org and many of its programs have their own Facebook page or Instagram accounts.