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Love is in the Air

The fall is a very romantic season to me, October in particular. I was once a 20-year-old college student when the leaves were falling and at their height of color. It was that fall that I met a girl who inspired me and made me feel like I could do anything. During the next few months we fell in love. We would walk holding hands as the leaves crunched beneath our feet, with our flannel jackets and scarves. Young love is special. Our first kiss was so magnetic that we both shrieked in delight once we were in privacy. And the colors got brighter.
Five years later, we got married on a perfect mid-October day. There are many days when the weather is perfect, but the weather combined with the fall foliage on this particular day of this particular year must have made it one of the most spectacular days ever made. October 15 of the year 2000. That day was filled with all of the potential of our love. 
We took those first steps down the marriage path 14 years ago. So much has changed and so much has remained. We have grown into a family of four. That’s got to be the biggest thing that has ever happened in my world. I made these awesome people who philosophize with me and teach me and learn from me every day. But my wife and I are still just a little older than we were when we first met—at least that’s how it feels. Time can be very misunderstood. We know each other—the us from then and the us from now. The real us. The heart of us. That doesn’t change. 
As the seasons pass, my heart has grown tremendously. My love for my wife has ballooned as our experiences shape our co-existence. Love can be like water over time, getting deeper and deeper and more set in its ways. Effortless and natural. People are very fortunate for our ability to love one another. Whether a lover, a child, a parent, or a friend—love is really important to our health and something we should practice. Love, simply love, and the brightness of fall leaves on a perfect weather day in the Hudson Valley can still make me squeal with delight. 
–Chris Hewitt
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