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Letter to the editor

On behalf of the Town of Rochester Food Pantry, I would like to thank Zali Win and the members of the Rochester Residents Association for their unfailing financial support.  Each year the appeal by the Association, brings in enough to keep us operating throughout the year.   This year, we received more than 115 donations attributable to the fund drive. The $1000 matching grant from the Association was met many times over resulting in donations of over $16,500.

We have paired these funds with in-kind donations.  Thanks to the efforts of the Farm to Food Pantry Collaborative (e.g. “The Hub”) we are able to provide fresh produce from our local farms from spring through autumn; then in the winter we reap the benefit of the processed and frozen food which has been put aside.   Our thanks go out to those at the “The Hub”, who make this all possible.   

We continue to operate as a non-profit organization and equal opportunity provider, with approximately 40 volunteers.  During 2018, the Rochester Food Pantry provided food sufficient for over 30,000 meals to more than 2000 people belonging to more than 500 households. Within those households, more than one-third are children and more than 7% are seniors.    

We look forward to moving into new quarters during 2019.  Thanks to a grant from New York State, we will move from our tiny 300 square foot pantry behind the Accord Firehouse to a larger operation connected to the Town’s Community Center.  We are all very excited that this will open up opportunities to better serve our community.  Thanks to funds collected during this drive, we should be able to do so.

We cannot thank the RRA enough for starting this endeavor and continuing it over the years and to those at The Hub who make the best use of community resources.  They make our life, and that of our clients, so much easier.


Margaret Bonner

Corresponding Secretary and Co-Chair, Rochester Food Pantry