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LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER: The Vibrance of Humanity

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a person vibrant—that little glow that certain people have. Other people seem to repel the people around them. What is it about us that attracts and repels like a magnet?

I came up with the below drawing to try to understand the difference between vibration and frequency. It may be these two forces at work when we like someone, or when we’re creeped out by someone else. The theory I’ve been exploring is that a high vibration makes us feel comfortable, while a high frequency makes us stressed out.

Think about the way a guru or holy person vibrates, very gently and calmly, with a high vibration. While someone who is amped up and excited pulls people into that energy, bombarding their surroundings with a high frequency.

I sat next to a guy at a conference recently whose hands trembled, and he always had a little sweat on his brow. This is what got me thinking about the ways in which our energies interact with each other. Did everyone feel weirded out by this guy, or was it just me?

Then there was the amazing Mayan woman from Guatemala who had a calmness about her that made me want to sit with her in silence for a while, learning the secrets of the universe in the subtle microtones of her high vibrations.

Feel free to rate yourself on this vibration versus frequency scale. It’s fun to think about, and it helps us stay conscious of how we affect the world around us.

Positive vibrations!

–Chris Hewitt