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LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER: The many tones of glory

I grew up going to church religiously. My parents made us kids do it, right up until we headed off to college. The word “glory” was peppered throughout the church hymns, but it also came through in patriotism, featured highly in The Battle Hymn of the Republic. 

As we dive a bit deeper into the word, however, glory starts to symbolize the triumphs and victories we’ve had in life. It captures those precious moments that make our hearts swell with pride and our souls overflow with joy. It’s the shimmering light that illuminates our darker times, reminding us of our strength that lies beneath.

It’s an invitation to seek greatness, to strive for excellence. It urges us to push beyond our limits, to conquer obstacles and embrace challenges head-on. It’s through these trials and tribulations that the true essence of glory is revealed.

Glory isn’t just reserved for religion or the grand achievements of the global big shots. It resides in the simplest acts of kindness, the tender moments shared between loved ones, and the quiet victories that go unnoticed. It’s a reminder that every single person has the potential to weave their own unique tapestry of glory.  

In July it seems like the plants around us are beaming with glory. They’re about to be at their peak of green growth, before they start their slow decent back into the soil. Let’s enjoy the glory of summer while we can, and allow it to ignite a fire that inspires us to live a life filled with purpose and meaning. 

Mine eyes have seen the glory!

–Chris Hewitt