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I saw a magnolia today, gently unfolding. It looked so simple and effortless. Just the day before, the flower was bundled up, ready to burst forth. And this morning happened to be the day that is easiest to become a full blown blossom. 

It reminded me of the Art of Allowing, the conscious, gentle guiding of your thoughts in the direction that you desire. It’s supposed to be simple; it sounds easy. Just allow things to unfold, and use your thinking to gently guide your role in the grand scheme of it all. 

There’s a lot of acceptance in allowing, in being OK with things as they are. But our mind often wants to fill the silence with chatter, with worry about the future or dread about the past. It’s difficult to pay attention to the subtle signs and gentle guidance if we can’t recognize the moment around us. This is the space in which flowers blossom.

Think about it for a moment: when you sit in silence and give yourself some time to breathe and relax, you automatically feel better. You start to slow down. The chatter quiets down, even though that little voice tries its best to keep saying stuff. Sit for longer, or do this exercise more often over time, and you’ll start to feel the strength and beauty at the core of your being. 

It’s a real comfort, at least to me, to know that we can always go inside to unwind, to reflect for a moment. You don’t need anyone else for this relaxing experience. Just sit, feel all that potential energy inside of you, and then blossom.

It feels great! 

–Chris Hewitt