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Creating this issue of Midtown Lively has been a joy, because people think about the word “roots” differently. Sometimes it’s about the people who we come from, but it’s also about who we are as an individual—where we’ve been and what we’ve learned.

Try to think about all of your parents, grandparents, and then your great grandparents. That’s 14 people. One generation more—your great, great grandparents—and we’re talking about an additional 16 people who have created an influence on our lineage, our culture, and the DNA that we may pass along. Our connections run so deep that they’re difficult to carefully trace (especially before Ancestry and other websites). At times, the stories and traditions can be quickly uprooted, like when my dad lost touch with his family as he entered the foster care system, or when my mom had to flee her native country from post-WWII turmoil. 

And yet, we can still find each other because as a human family our roots run deep. Cousins and aunts can be found to reconnect the missing tales. Old records in now-peaceful town halls can be discovered that unlock a family branch. Neighborhoods come together in new cities as immigrants support each other while creating micro-economies. 

Unlike plants, we have the magical ability to move our roots around the planet. They can be strong and deep in one space for a time, but then we can choose to move along.

As we travel this life together, let’s follow the example of plant roots and the ancient mycelium connections in the soil. The more we share with others and provide the space that our surroundings need to grow, the more we will thrive.  

–Chris Hewitt