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Letter from the Publisher: Grounding the Mind

Please join me for a moment on a journey to the center of your mind. Where are your thoughts residing, and where are they coming from? If you think about it for a moment, you can kind of feel where your thoughts come from. But the feeling starts to get really small.

This got me thinking one day about a grain of sand; if you focus your thoughts inward until they’re as small as a grain of sand it’s easier to get a handle on it all. Think about that tiny point as a singular spot. It feels incredibly dense.

I like to try to move that spot, because it’s not quite fixed in the center of my brain. It feels flexible and bouncy.  In fact, some people hold the center of their being in their hearts. But for me, my thoughts are up in my head. Sometimes I try to take that singularity of thinking and move it—either deep into the earth or high up into the sky.

Putting that grain of sand into the earth to hang out with the other dirt is a refreshing form of imagination. You get to think about microbes, fungus, and water molecules that are hidden deep down below us. What if an earthquake happens and thrusts that spot up into the light? A tiny seed that was buried for millenia will come to life.

Now take your bundle of thoughts and its tiny, fluid cluster and shoot up into space. Imagine bending your thoughts so far into the universe that your center begins to approach a black hole. Try to picture your grain of sand overlapping with the black hole.

For me, they begin to feel like the same thing. The first time I did this it really got me thinking about what a black hole is; it seems just as dense as the center of our minds. And that gets me wondering, what the heck is at the center of our minds? 

Back on Earth, I tried this imaginative exercise with my 16-year-old friend. It was so fun, because we both started theorizing and wondering, and being naive and uncertain. Try it; we think you’ll like it.

–Chris Hewitt