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Investing in Us

The Current’s Curated Crowdsourcing List

What’s out there on the crowdfunding front for our area? Pet and health problems, creative projects, and once again a few campaigns that seem perfect for our area:

P&T Surplus has been in business for decades, offering up a wide assortment of hardware materials—including piles of wild rejects—that has drawn homeowners and artists to its Rondout Creek home for years. For a while they were even putting on popular art exhibits! Now they’re in jeopardy of going out of business. They launched a $5,000 campaign last November and are only a few hundred short of making it. Look them up on gofundme.com.

Paint the Village Rainbow aims to memorialize the Village of New Paltz’s role in the marriage equality movement during the winter of 2004, New Paltz’s grand tradition of Gay Pride parades, and the later creation of the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center in Kingston by painting a “Village Rainbow” crosswalk connecting the original location of those marriage ceremonies and the ending point for the annual Hudson Valley LGBTQ Pride March. The effort’s raised $1,301 of its $5,000 goal since February 26. Go to gofundme.com.

Sustainable PopUp Community at Elf Works Retreat Center, a new campaign from Susan Brearly of Poughkeepsie, is raising $10,000 for a creative retreat project which she describes as “an oasis of a space to build an inspirational community of human family, which welcomes global nomads, organic farmers, artists and spiritual seekers.” A non-profit’s been set up, a stream of salable items, a store, and a steady flow of guests started on Brearly’s property via Airbnb. It’s both radical and “elven.” Look it up at kickstarter.com.