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Inner Space October 2013

by Eric Francis  
Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on October 21 and stations direct on November 10. This is the third and last Mercury retrograde of the year, all of which take place exclusively in water signs. This promises to be a particularly interesting phase in part owing to the fact that it takes place in Scorpio (rarely ever boring) and also because there are two eclipses in the neighborhood. The first is a penumbral eclipse of the Moon in Aries on October18 (the Aries Full Moon), followed by an annular total eclipse of the Sun in Scorpio on November 3 (the Scorpio New Moon). This combination of two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde strongly implies that it would be best to get ahead on large projects and to be conscious what details you leave for the end of the year. This phase will also be a proving moment for commitments, which you may discover either deepen or go away.

Aries(March 20-April 19)
You will need to micromanage your joint financial affairs. This would include everything from shared bank accounts to shared bills to mutually held investments. I suggest you read everything twice and take notes about all conversations that involve plans or commitments. If there are contracts or major purchases involved, analyze the situation and determine how quickly you really need to move—for now, the slower the better. If a proposed arrangement or deal of some kind encounters delays, use them wisely, and in any event, make sure you feel absolutely confident before signing. If you have questions, make sure you ask them. The subtle point of this astrology involves your most intimate partnerships, and it’s not financial but rather emotional. The general heading is commitment; disagreements over money are quite potentially symbolic of something else that needs to be addressed.
Taurus(April 19-May 20)
Life is an ongoing conversation, and it always seems to morph into something new. For the next couple of months, however, you may not be able to agree with anyone about too much, particularly about how they feel. Yet in one key situation it’s necessary to have minimal mutual understanding. Take those words one at a time: minimal, mutual and understanding. To you that might feel like you have to submit to someone else’s will, which you seem to both crave and resist the most. I suggest skipping that procedure and instead understand why it’s necessary to have basic ground rules, and that once those are established you follow them to the letter. Let that be like the banister that guides you through the dark. Let that agreement be the place where you are certain you’re not compromising your own values, but rather giving and receiving something of value.
Gemini(May 20-June 21)
If you’re feeling averse to doctors, I don’t blame you—these days they are more like lawyers than they are like nurses. I suggest you take any medical advice or information as a point of view rather than as it’s usually taken, as gospel truth. Get as many perspectives on an issue as you can. As a Gemini, one of the most significant things you can do to take care of your health is to take care of your lungs. If your lungs are healthy and you treat them well, you’re much more likely to experience good health overall. That also means giving yourself room to breathe, which also means room to feel. Notice if you feel cramped and do something about it. Ultimately breath is one of the most significant connections to your inner nature: inspire, respire and spirit all come from the same root concept.
Cancer(June 21-July 22)
Get underneath your sex/romance situation—there is plenty going on below the surface that you will benefit from knowing. One layer you’ll encounter is a pattern that seems to be stuck in place from the past. This may involve other people’s values that you’ve taken on. They might belong to your parents, prior partners, or social norms to which you think you’re supposed to conform. You may notice that most humans rarely ever break through this layer—and that is all about supposedly honoring authority. To be free enough to experience your own feelings, you will need to challenge whatever authority you seem to have internalized. The bravery involved is not about that challenge; rather, it’s about what you will feel and experience when you get beyond it.
Leo(July 22-August 23)
The Sun in Libra means new and interesting adventures in which you’re directly involved rather than a spectator. We live in a world of watchers and exhibitionists; direct participation is becoming a thing of the past, though clearly you have a different path ahead. The main difference between watching and participating is that experience changes the ones who takes part directly in it. There is risk involved, and risk leaves one open to something new. If you’re wondering whether you’re actually part of the scene instead of just looking at it: ask yourself if you’re taking a chance (greater than the price of a ticket). Ask yourself how an experience might change you. Notice whether you must open your mind in order to understand or process what comes your way. Get ready for a stretch.
Virgo(August 23-September 22)
The Sun’s trek through your sign was certainly more than most people were expecting, and you may have been through more than you were planning. One theme from your birthday season continues—your relationships are dependent on how you feel about yourself, but cannot properly be the motive for getting clear about your inner reality. That’s a work in progress—by which I mean both. It will be more helpful to your growth and happiness to emphasize relationships that are on level ground (friends, colleagues, creative partners) rather than the ones that involve submission, power and influence. After a while these will seem like two different games with different purposes. At this point in your life, the thing commonly called “romance” may be a diversion—and fortunately, there are much better alternatives.
Libra(September 22-October 23)
The Sun’s movement through your sign into late October will provide a feeling of completion that has either been missing, or passing by in fleeting experiences. Since the Sun is in Libra for just 30 out of 365 days of the year, there are two ways to make the most of this experience. One is to refuse to take it for granted—count the opportunities you have now as rare, if not once in a lifetime. The second is to allow what happens over the next few weeks to reveal what is possible when you engage fully with your life, with the world and with the events that are developing in this moment. You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time; there is no longer a need to wait, or to consider every possibility for what might go wrong. Control is a non-issue—what you have is better: the ability to make decisions on the spot and get an immediate result.
Scorpio(October 23-November 22)
It’s time to bring some of your true feelings to light. You seem to be in a phase of deciding that you feel what you feel, and it’s no one else’s business. The problem with this line of reasoning is that eventually, you’ll feel like your feelings are none of your business either. So bring those unusual, dark shades to the surface and see how they look when they get a taste of sunshine and oxygen. The colors will change because the elements of your feelings will react to awareness. I’ll say this another way, in case I’m being too poetic: you may think you feel one way, but once you start to express yourself, you’ll begin to make discoveries about what’s really going on. That in turn will allow you to evolve into new emotional and intellectual experiences, direct rather than the theoretical or abstract.
Sagittarius(November 22-December 22)
You seem like you’re about to burst, and it’s about time. You’ve been ready to crack your shell for many seasons, though the sensation has been like one of those days where it’s always threatening rain, and the thunder is rumbling, but the sky never lets go. There are precipitating factors in your environment that may bring on a spiritual love explosion; what looks for all the world like a kind of mystical ecstasy experience with no drugs necessary. As for bursting, what you may know is that once you start loving you don’t ever stop. The question is why you would want to. And that is a good question to ask if you need to—though that would not be about justifying holding back but rather reminding yourself that you’re free to plunge into whatever (or whoever) is inviting you in.
Capricorn(December 22-January 20)
Part of really being yourself involves enduring some unpopularity. This is a fact that is left out of the “be yourself” discussion—or relegated to the fine print. Some of enduring unpopularity involves figuring out how little so many people know, and, sadly, how dull they really are. If you find yourself anyplace you don’t fit in, consider the possibility that you’re too interesting. That leaves you with another challenge, which is finding someplace that actually intrigues you. The fastest way to get there seems to be entertaining yourself rather than going on a search. The kind of interesting people you want are the ones who don’t need too much affirmation of how cool they are; whose minds are creative enough to skip the whole social level of awesomeness but who can have fun with it when they want to. That describes you pretty well these days.
Aquarius(January 20-February 19)
Use your charm as you untangle your latest leadership challenge. I can promise that this will not be your last such challenge of the year—there are more coming, and they get more interesting—and the whole journey will call on you to employ the highest and deepest levels of your intelligence. Yet more significantly, you will need a dependable way to get people working together. Sometimes it’s necessary to use your power and/or authority, but it’s energy consuming, and there is often collateral damage. Being charming and a bit seductive is a way of getting people to do what they want to do anyway. I would remind you that as the next few weeks develop, circumstances, motives and rationales involved in your work (and other) responsibilities will be too complicated to explain to everyone around you. That won’t be necessary, as long as you know what you have to do.
Pisces(February 19-March 20)
Notice that your long-term vision is coming into focus. Events and circumstances of the past year have conspired to enforce this—with many reminders that you simply cannot ignore the concept of the future and what you want to create with it. That means focusing ideas and making tangible decisions now, such that you are taking solid, measurable steps toward what you’re envisioning. Over the next two months this process will accelerate rapidly: both the information and the points of decision are going to be coming in faster, and you may be enacting your plans long before you thought you would. Keep your mind in order; use your resources wisely, which means being ready to use them when necessary. Remember that you are the only person who can be a visionary of your own life. Notice who supports you in that, and collaborate with them.