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Inner Space February 2014

by Eric Francis  
Aries(March 20-April 19)
You may find yourself drawn into social environments, though I suggest spending only as much time there as it takes to meet your objective. That might include meeting the person you were “supposed” to meet, having one conversation, making a cameo, or hanging out in the back room during your own party. Be aware of group dynamics, and conscious when you’re in their midst. You have deeper pleasures awaiting you than those you can have in public, hence the social realm is merely a means to something better, and that something better is the thing you want. Part of creating it involves setting up the environment for it to manifest; the idea that comes to mind is containment, a kind of world apart. Make sure your home is prepared, with various libations, soft lighting, clean sheets, phones disconnected, suitable music—and then go with the flow.
Taurus(April 19-May 20)
Your charts indicate unusual progress in your career, though real success lies in being a positive influence on people around you and on the creative flow. Understand how choices and actions turn into consequences, and how to create better outcomes; be proactive and vigilant. Remember, it’s not all about you; in connecting with that, you may discover a realm of personal satisfaction you’ve never felt before. Many people fear having to “give themselves up” to be part of something larger, though if that’s true, there is some other problem. Your current astrology is about fully engaging who you are, within a context. Using your sense of perspective to see that context, you may feel like a visitor, to this situation and to the world. The nice thing about being a visitor is exchanging a sense of ownership for a sense of stewardship. I think you will like it.
Gemini(May 20-June 21)
Your chart indicates the possibility of an authentic breakthrough or success, particularly where your creative and work life intersect. You could discover a bold sense of purpose. However, if you are not 100% impeccable in communication, it will come back to you. Keep people updated about what in your life influences them. Also, be careful about yielding to doubt and changing your mind. Change is in the nature of the universe and you have a mental state that’s constantly on the move. However, you will benefit from consistency through any phase of doubt. Trust your original intentions and honor your original commitment, at least through the Mercury retrograde (February 21-March 17). You may have the sensation of swimming upstream during this phase, or meeting inner resistance; the real rewards are on the other side, if you give yourself the gift of consistency.
Cancer(June 21-July 22)
Some of the most appealing people you meet this month will resemble you the least. As a Cancerian, you treasure familiarity. I suggest placing an enhanced value on what is different and interesting, sidestepping any urge to make a “permanent” bond with someone. The wheel of your life is spinning quickly, and there’s no telling where it will stop. This is a good time to value your freedom of movement and freedom to choose. Leave your options open—particularly if you feel pressured to make a decision you don’t feel right about. It’s not always obvious when these kinds of influences are applied, or when we’re falling for them; pay careful attention. Leave some options open for the near future, when more options are sure to manifest. You’ll discover you can have worthwhile experiences in the moment, without clinging to them.
Leo(July 22-August 23)
Don’t be too hard on yourself, and make sure you depend on others as much as they depend on you. They are willing to help, but don’t expect them to read your mind. Be clear about what you want and need. This may bring up interesting emotional dynamics, including whether your environment really is friendly, and if you can trust people. The thing to watch out for is projection: for example, ascribing your own fears to someone else. You may need to be vigilant about claiming what you own, so you can be clear about who others really are and what they are offering you. If anything gets in the way of an authentic exchange, check for projection. If you can keep this boundary clear, an unusual alignment that happens around the 10th may represent a meaningful turning point in how you experience relationships.
Virgo(August 23-September 22)
The planets are aligned to reveal how much someone in your life means to you, despite challenges in the relationship. The situation looks like the perfect setup for healing, though if you miss that point, you may find yourself in an unnecessarily complex situation. It will be helpful if you use your intuition and anticipate someone’s needs in advance—or remember where they are coming from. It’s not up to you to fix anyone, but it will serve both your purposes and theirs if you hold open the space for their emotional process. By offering your empathy to someone you care about, you’re learning to offer it to yourself; you cannot give what you do not have. In this situation, trust is a meaningful form of empathy, including allowing someone to change their mind without you feeling they are trying to deceive you.
Libra(September 22-October 23)
Your creativity may be in service of something besides your personal creative aspirations. From the look of your solar chart, that could work as a way of deepening your talent, establishing yourself professionally and as a way to express yourself. You play a pivotal role within a group structure; your devotion guides others through challenges. This is a situation where the more you put in, the more you will get back. If you are aware of how there are certain challenges inherent in human nature, you will see the way those challenges can be resolved through creative thinking. Your ideas are ahead of the curve, and I suggest you not hold back. Say what you’re thinking. Be clear when you notice a problem, even if you don’t have a solution; mere acknowledgment will set the group mind into motion. But that’s not enough; make sure you follow through.
Scorpio(October 23-November 22)
You’re headed for a passionate month. The sign Pisces, one of the sources of pleasure in your life, is filling up with planets, which will reach a peak in the coming weeks. You may find yourself taking emotional and erotic risks you’ve only dreamed of. This is a healthy, creative place to hang out. I would caution you about one thing, though: No two humans ever agree on everything. It’s up to us to find common ground. Willingness to listen and understanding where someone else is coming from will help. The pleasure you may share in this time of your life is a luxury and a privilege, though some would say it’s a basic human need. These things all may be true, and you can still offer your life to the improvement of the human condition, starting with the people you care about the most.
Sagittarius(November 22-December 22)
What you think and how you feel are related. Listen to your thoughts and feelings and you’ll get closer to your personal truth. Reaching that level of awareness will make it easier to get along with others; honoring your inner reality increases your capacity for intimacy. Once you have an inner dialog going, it is easier to set priorities in both your inner and outer worlds. You are in contact with a significant professional goal, although you may doubt your ability to fulfill it. As the astrology develops, it appears and then disappears from your radar. This goal may seem to fade away, though that’s an illusion; I urge you to focus on it even when it’s not a priority. Part of the relief of not having it annoy you is the feeling of not being up to the task—I assure you that is not true.
Capricorn(December 22-January 20)
You have a rare opportunity to tidy up your finances and take a step toward increased revenue from your profession. The tidying up is a matter of intention, discipline and structure. I recommend anyone serious about earning money from professional activities get a professional accountant. Money flows toward structure and purpose; this is a time to focus your purpose. What you are doing seems to require planning, as well as cooperation and the cultivation of a niche market. It also depends on the involvement of friends or associates with more experience than you. To benefit from that knowledge, open the side of your mind focused on learning toward a specific goal. This is a new method of gaining understanding, one that may make you feel submissive to your subject matter for a while. I would rate that as a positive development.
Aquarius(January 20-February 19)
Remember what is most meaningful to you. Love is an active process, though what you crave is love in action. This is not a magical process, but a human experience of making your way through an uncertain world; it’s the opposite of taking things for granted. In this spirit, failure is a means to success. Willingness to make mistakes is a key element of ‘correct action’ that leads to a wholesome destination. You love ideas, though fully engaging in being a creature of blood, flesh and feelings is essential to your participation in the human family. Spirit is our home, though you are an incarnation, and that has a purpose—to embrace the complexities of existence rather than avoiding them. You’ve probably thought of this before, though in my reading of the planets, now is a poignant moment for getting it from theory to reality.
Pisces(February 19-March 20)
An unusual alignment is gathering in your sign, which indicates a special time in your life. Find a balance between going with the flow and guiding yourself toward the destinations you choose. Mars, Mercury and Chiron in your sign are saying focus on what and who you want and what you want to create. For a while you may feel you are merely fantasizing, or asserting yourself into an unresponsive energy field, but don’t fall for that. You’re in a very workable environment, with lavish resources available. Rather than getting caught in the intentions of others, take what they say under advisement without obligation. By the time the Sun ingresses your sign on the 19th, you will feel the strength of your presence on the planet, and recognize that you’re a force to be reckoned with.
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