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Inner Space – April 2014

by Eric Francis
April is the peak month of the ‘2012 phenomenon’. I know 2012 supposedly ended a couple of years ago, but in fact the astrology that began that year is now coming to its peak. By my reckoning that happens the last week of April. With limited space there is only so much I can say, however the clearest message I can offer is this is the time to get real about what you’ve been saying (perhaps for years) that you’ve wanted to get real about. This is the time to not be dictated to by your fears, especially your fear of change, and your fear of vulnerability. Our whole society seems bent on avoiding these two things, and we will individually and collectively need to get past them so that you can become who you truly are — and contribute to the world in the ways that you know are necessary. This may not be the month you complete your mission but it could surely be the month that you begin.
Aries(March 20-April 19)
You are prone to intense reactions, though I suggest you keep a grip on yourself this month. Your emotional energy has more than double its usual power, and the planets are set up in a way that, for everyone, lends itself well to chain reactions. Your own planetary picture suggests that you may make judgments based on a mistaken sense of being unworthy of others’ love. I strongly suggest you research the facts of the situation and account for your own struggle with self-worth before over-reacting or even responding to something you perceive. Between the potential for misunderstandings and for things going out of control, it would be wise of you to put everything on a one-week delay before you make any accusations or decisions.
Taurus(April 19-May 20)
You can be the voice of balance and reason in a group environment because you understand how the dark side of people can emerge when they get together. While most humans fail to notice or choose to look away from this (mostly out of laziness or for fear of being cast out), the fact that you are aware is the best insurance against problems arising. And if they do arise, your understanding the scenario is essential toward finding the solution. Here is a clue: In groups where you might expect there to be a collective gain in intelligence, there is often a collective loss. The whole can be equal to less than the sum of the parts. This is of course the opposite of whole-system thinking, and where your awareness and leadership will become extremely helpful.
Gemini(May 20-June 21)
You may need to push your message a little in order to be heard or even noticed. Don’t go so far that you threaten your own credibility, but rather make sure that your presentation is colorful and clear enough to cut through the static. Communicate in person where possible; that will save you plenty of energy and allow you the opportunity to come across in an emotionally grounded way. That detail will skip the need for the bright colors — you personally possess them. So short of getting on an airplane (unless the matter is of top-level importance, particularly to your career), show up in someone’s presence and explain yourself, making sure to convey your enthusiasm and love for what you are doing. That is the main selling point.
Cancer(June 21-July 22)
The best professional advice anyone ever gave me was to get my ego out of my writing. By that, I understood that the person meant not to be so invested in the seeming success or failure of my work; and mainly, to be open to changing my own ideas. In other words, don’t be so attached to a concept that it’s not subject to revision and improvement. The more you open up to this notion, the more of that improved vision will come to you. The less you proceed with emotional attachment to what you want to accomplish, the easier it will be. True, this takes some skill, but the bright side is that emoting consumes energy. You will benefit from redirecting that energy into creative options, of which you have many — both personal and professional.
Leo(July 22-Aug. 23)
You may be uncertain whether to be in a total panic or to have unflinching faith in yourself. I am certain that there is no middle ground here; that if you’re going to take a guess, go right to the side of faith. You have experienced the effects of crippling self-doubt enough to know that it gets you nowhere. That alone might be enough to convince you that it’s useless, but there’s also a spiritual issue involved: whether you think God loves you. If you have any doubt, I would propose that it came from somebody else. It was given to you, rather than being something innate. Your faith and your confidence are your actual property; an innate part of your character. The more time you spend there, the more obvious this will be.
Virgo(Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
There’s a potent mirror effect going on, though it’s essential that you make sure that the reflection you’re seeing is clear and not a distortion. When some element of your character is shown to you by someone else, or through someone else, there will always be a loss of clarity. Therefore, don’t take what you’re shown purely at face value. Engage it in a dialog. By that I mean the people and circumstances that seem to be pressing some point, or not letting you escape some concept about yourself. It may be true in some form, and I suggest you be open to how it may not be valid. Weigh truth and validity against the values of learning and growth and you will clarify your understanding of these very interesting pictures.
Libra(Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
Creative process is often seen by outsiders as something hot. That’s usually how it’s portrayed when dramatized in a movie or on TV — as driven by passion or pathos. While there is always some fire contained within the creative drive, and while it may have the occasional solar flare, I’ve found that it’s necessary to be cool, methodical and focused in order to actually get something done. That’s what you’ve got going on right now, if you want it. Yet there’s also plenty of heat and glare to distract you; there’s as much controversy and emotional complication as you can imbibe. Yet the actual creative productivity thing — that’s about being laidback, alert and self-aware. The risks involved are subtle. Wholesome progress is more likely to come over time, not as the sudden and/or stunning breakthrough.
Scorpio(Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Your fantasies will tell you a lot, especially about who and what you want. So I suggest you open the spigot and really let in the images, feelings and information and not worry about whether it’s right or wrong. There is deep healing potential in being honest with yourself and equal potential for damage when you deny your desires. The purity campaign associated with both desire and fantasy is a ruse. There is nothing pure about it, though the closest you come to purity is when you’re absolutely real with yourself. Yes, it’s also true that the bridge from your imagination to reality might open up — and if it does, it will be for a very good reason, which is specifically about healing something deep and long-denied. And that will feel good.
Sagittarius(Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
Don’t mistake emotional confusion for misery. On our planet, to feel at all means to feel some pain — that is why feeling is so unpopular. That said, it won’t help to drink your feelings away. You might feel good for a while, but you’ll miss the opportunity to address something that may on one level be troubling, but that on another level is of profound meaning to you and which holds a key to happiness. I suggest you not cut yourself off from contact with yourself, especially when yourself is trying so diligently to make contact with you. You’re not necessarily the ‘get help’ type but this would be a good time to have some competent, non-attached feedback and guidance, from someone who can perhaps assist in figuring out what you’re feeling.
Capricorn(Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
Was there someone in your past who left you with the feeling of being unloved? I am talking about before the age of seven. The way you’ll know that I’m describing what you may be feeling is that it comes with little onslaughts of an irrational sense of worthlessness. You are old enough, and strong enough, to recognize that this is not a feeling that reflects your current reality. However, if you experience anything like this, it may be compelling enough that you believe it means something. That might be an unresolved childhood situation, of which we humans usually carry around a few. This particular one is coming into focus, which is an invitation to set yourself free. Use your mind. Use your spirit. Consider the issue when it’s not bothering you.
Aquarius(Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
You seem to be working with devotion to set yourself free from some perceived authority. I would ask: when you reach a point of breakthrough, do you feel any different? There is a seeming external source of power that seems to be casting a shadow over you. Then there is what looks like an inner haze that has the same feeling but is not as solid. The two are related. I suggest you focus on your inner sensation rather than on struggling against any outer circumstance. Here is one thought to be alert for: the idea that you must organize your feelings a certain way in order to be lovable or free. Other elements of your chart suggest that if you let go of trying to organize your feelings, you will taste the experience of inner freedom.
Pisces(Feb. 19-March 20)
You are becoming aware of many things that you’ve known for a while, but which are taking shape as being immediately relevant and truer now than ever. I would propose that among these is the power of belief to shape and even direct the flow of your life. Whether something is true or not, whether it is valid or not, whether it has any basis in reality, is secondary to the fact that you might or might not believe it. I suggest you recognize this power, and set out to determine what is true for you, and honor that. When you get to that point of honoring, you may notice a feeling of rebellion, though I suggest you work with that in an understated, cautious and serious way. Be a conservative rebel. Do only what you must so that you can be free to do what you want.
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