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HV Current Livelihood: Coming Soon

by Brogan O’Donnell  

The Hudson Valley Current will present its Livelihood section in the May 2014 issue of Country Wisdom News, highlighting how basic needs and essential services can be met on a local level. Through attaining food, shelter, clothing, health, education and entertainment on a community scale, a strong and vibrant economy can begin to develop. The implementation of a local currency acts as an overarching umbrella for locally minded efforts by creating connections between community members, businesses, institutions and nonprofit organizations.
The Livelihood section will present stories about the abundance of our local communities. This exciting new insert will be covering the thoughts and ideas of Current users and community members. Performing in-depth interviews will not only allow the readers to understand more about the Current, but it will also serve as a promotional tool for the specific user. Additionally, there will be a consistently updated list of all Current users. A significant element The Hudson Valley Current offers to their users is marketing support, which will be regularly exhibited within the Livelihood section.
Livelihood will also include an education section, providing the insights and thoughts produced by writers, academics and theorists. Since local currencies have been established in hundreds of various locations around the globe, there is a plethora of useful texts and documentaries that are well worth exploring. The Livelihood section will also have a comic strip that will cover economic issues with a bit of humor.
The Hudson Valley Current is laying the groundwork for a vibrant local economy through establishing a local complementary currency (the Current), backed entirely by the labor, products and services of community members. One Current is valued at one US Dollar because we all know what a dollar can buy. Exchanging Currents on a local level guarantees that the currency circulates within the community, as opposed to dollars that can be sucked out of communities to corporate headquarters and foreign factories.
To allow for easily accessible trading of this currency, The Hudson Valley Current developed an online Marketplace. In addition to hosting electronic transactions, the online Marketplace also enables businesses to promote themselves through developing and updating individualized profiles. Additional design and marketing support is also continuously offered by the staff of the Hudson Valley Current.
Since its beta test launch in November 2013, the Hudson Valley Current has been used primarily for businesses to business transactions. However, as the pool of users continues to grow, the next phase of the Current will be the development of a business to individual component. As of now, the opportunities for trading continue to expand. Below, you can find some trades suggested by The Hudson Valley Current Team:
Food: Three farms are signed up for the Current, and two of them offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), so consider spending Currents on a CSA share.
Clothing: Locally made clothing is a great way to keep warm or to add that fashionable accent to an outfit.
Automotive: Use your Currents to fix your car.
Health Care: Take a look at the Marketplace to find medical doctors and holistic health practitioners.
Marketing: Hire a local designer to create a logo or advertisement for you that can be used in at least five local publications that accept Currents.
Nonprofits: Make a donation to one of the nonprofit organizations that are signed up to the Current in order to support a good cause with your local currency.
And the list of who to spend Currents with goes on and on. Visit hudsonvalleycurrent.org to view the 46 ads in the Marketplace, or sign up as a member to view the profiles of all 87 business members. You will also see this list next month in the Livelihood section of Country Wisdom News.