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Hudson Valley Black Women-Owned Business Directory: Part One

From personal wealth disparities and a lack of access to business capital to disproportionate effects of COVID-19 along racial and gender lines, black women entrepreneurs have an intersectional disadvantage in today’s marketplace. They are also a critical key to boosting our local economy. 

As Geri Stengel pointed out in Forbes, “if women-of-color matched the number of employees and revenues of businesses owned by white women, four million new jobs and $981 billion in revenue would be added to the economy.” 

As we embarked on creating a Hudson Valley that helps black business women close that employee and revenue gap, let’s start by supporting their enterprises directly.

As I’ve pointed out before in previous editions of this column, black women business owners are often at the forefront of voting, organizing, volunteering, and donate money in ways that strengthen our communities. Fortifying their businesses strengthens our region. 

This is part one of our directory of black women-owned businesses deeply affected by inequality and already invested in strengthening the Hudson Valley. Let’s join together to support them.

View the Directory here.