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Healthy Growth

I’m excited to report that there are a lot of great changes happening at Country Wisdom News. Firstly, let me introduce Marie Doyon, our new editor. Marie brings her amazing organizational, editing, and sales skills to our team. It’s wonderful to have her support focused on the impact and success of the paper. 
Another big change—Country Wisdom News has a new office in Rosendale! Come visit us at 371 Main Street, Suite B. It’s a comfortable, quiet nook on the Rondout Creek—a great place for positive energy and focused work.  Everything in the office is available for sale for Currents (see HudsonValleyCurrent.org), making it a new storefront for the community as well. The final spurt of growth to report this month is that Country Wisdom has increased in pages. With the support of new advertisers, we are able to give you more news relating to our community, land, and living.
Country Wisdom provides a forum for us to think about and learn about creating a future that is both sustainable and abundant. When you think about your life ten years from now, what do you picture for your community? A strip of box stores, or a downtown with vibrant community-owned businesses? Agribusiness that is run from people far away under practices you cannot determine, or local farms that have seasonal foods that will feed the entire community? Megacorporate media, or locally owned publications that focus on what connects us to this amazing world? Yes, these questions are hypothetical, but let’s remember that our actions today are literally creating our world of tomorrow. 
Every time we make a purchase, we show our support. Take the time to support your local businesses, invest in your community. Show your pride in what your neighbors can offer. Together, we can make our community shine as an example of agricultural and economic brilliance. I appreciate everyone who supports this local paper. We work hard to be an asset to this community. If you are able to show your support with a donation to Country Wisdom News this year—a year in which we have a lot of new growth to nourish—we would definitely appreciate it!
As always, send us your stories, ideas and thoughts. We’re always looking to share.
–Chris Hewitt, Publisher