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Half Moon Books

Half Moon Books, a used book store in Kingston, was spawned and opened four years ago by owner Jessica Dupont’s passion for reading. Said Dupont, “As an avid reader as a child, I told people at my high school reunion I owned a bookstore; the general reaction was ‘Of course you do. You were always reading.’”
So when an uptown bookstore was being rented, she took the plunge and saturated the setting with just about any type of book one could wish for. There’s much fiction and classics, but she said cookbooks, children’s and history books (especially those on the Civil War) are extremely popular. As for children’s books—havingfour children with different tastes, Dupont said, “Reading to them or talking to them about what they’re reading has been a great way to connect with them and their interests. When a parent tells me their child doesn’t like to read, I always say they just haven’t found the right book yet!” She encourages parents to bring the kids in to let them pick out what perks their interest. 
Dupont also keeps a detailed notebook of requests and acquires books from a variety of sources—estate sales, other stores, referrals, and what customers bring into the store for credit.
Half Moon also offers special readings and book-signings. The next event will be on November 29 when author David Kherdian and illustrator Nonny Hagrogrian will sign their children’s book. And don’t miss the annual February “buy one-get one” sale on fiction, plus occasional sales on other categories throughout the year.
Open daily from 10am-6pm.35 N Front St, Kingston; 845-331-5439. facebook.com/HalfMoonBooks.