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Ellenville Regional Hospital

Rural Hospital with State-of-the Art Services 

Debbie Briggs, VP of Human Resources at the hospital said that the facility is focusing on state-of-the-art services not typically offered in a rural area. “We have specialty doctors that come in for services orthopedic surgery, pulmonary care, cardiology—services our local residents can take advantage of without going out of the area. The hospital has all digitized, state-of-the-art equipment in the radiology department, which smaller hospitals typically don’t offer—such as digital X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine, MRIs, Cat Scans, Mammography, bone density and other radiological services. The hospital also prides itself on a bright, cheery Physical Therapy department with an experienced, dynamic team. “Our Emergency care has diminished our wait time from, formerly three hours from start to finish with an unprecedented, on average time of no more than 90-minutes. We know we have the fastest turn-around time in New York State and possibly the country,” Briggs said. The ever-happening remodeling of the hospital, built in the 1960s has a new Emergency Room, which was the first time the original footprint had been changed since the original structure was created. Additionally, hospital rooms are being renovated two at a time to single occupancy rooms that are aesthetically pleasing. And the hospital’s new “healing arts” gallery rotates local artist exhibits every 6-8 weeks providing a great destination for visitors and physical therapy patients to take their therapeutic walk to the gallery. “It’s art and healing combined,” said Briggs. 

Ellenville Regional Hospital 10 Healthy Way
Ellenville NY