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Eight Forms Of Capital: Experiential

What if our financial system looked more like an ecosystem? What if the flow of money in our community was not how we would normally view and use capital, but used in an intangible form? There’s one form of capital that a person can gather and carry inside themselves and that would be what we call experiential capital, or human capital. We accumulate experiential capital through actually organizing a project in our community, working together to remodel a home, or completing a permaculture design. The most effective way to learn anything comes through a blended gathering of intellectual and experiential capital. A key way of doing this is to build up the skills and insight of their people in a whole variety of areas—by working on projects that might have an uncertain return and payback—but doing so explicitly with the goal of building up their experience. Experiential learning is essential for effective functioning in the world, and by “doing”, you embody greater wisdom and experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Now would be a great time to learn a new skilled trade, or to offer your services and to teach others a trade they have yet mastered.